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United States

PayPal files patent for cryptocurrency system (MarketWatch), Rated: AAA

PayPal Holdings Inc. PYPL, +0.09% shares are up 0.5% in midday trading Monday after it was revealed that the company recently filed for a patent related to bitcoin. The company’s patent filing was for an “expedited virtual currency transaction system” and was flagged by Bitcoin.com. Such a system could potentially speed up bitcoin BTCUSD, -5.01% transactions and be anonymous.

Coinbase Hires LinkedIn’s Deals Maven to Help Ramp Up Expansion (Bloomberg), Rate: AAA

Coinbase Inc., one of the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges, is dialing up its expansion efforts by bringing in a prolific Silicon Valley dealmaker.

The closely held San Francisco-based firm named Emilie Choi as vice president of corporate and business development. She previously held the same position at LinkedIn Corp., where she worked for eight years. Choi, who oversaw 40 deals at LinkedIn, sees similar activity coming up for Coinbase.

Ripple Pares Gain After Coinbase Shoots Down Trading Speculation (Bloomberg), Rated: AAA

Ripple, the third most valuable digital token by market value, pared gains after one of the biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges reiterated that it hasn’t decided whether it will add new coins to its marketplace.

“Our January 4th, 2018 statement continues to stand: we have made no decision to add additional assets to either GDAX or Coinbase,” the San Francisco-based exchange said in a tweet Monday. “Any statement to the contrary is untrue and not authorized by the company.”

Source: Bloomberg

Ripple’s XRP sinks after Coinbase shuts down rumors it’s listing the cryptocurrency (SFGate), Rated: A

  • Ripple’s XRP is now down more than 4% on Monday, paring its earlier gains, after Coinbase shut down yet another rumor that it was planning to support the cryptocurrency.

Why Millennials Are At High Risk For Bitcoin & ICO Fraud (Forbes), Rated: AAA

According to a new survey by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), tech-hungry young people are increasingly the targets of cyber scams.

  • Regulators viewed Millennials as both most likely to use fintech products (84%) and also most at risk of fraud from fintech products (41%).
  • While Baby Boomers were viewed as least likely to use fintech, they were still viewed as the second most likely demographic group to be at risk of fintech fraud (38%).
  • Not all risks are created equal: While all regulators viewed fintech at large as having a high (28%) or moderate (72%) chance of fraud, the risk varied widely by specific products.
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrencies were most commonly identified as high risk (94%) and robo-advising being least commonly identified as high risk (3%).
  • More than half of regulators (56%) said they viewed fraudsters as the most knowledgeable about the risks of fintech, nearly all respondents felt that investors were the least knowledgeable about these risks (94%).

Millennials Fuel Cryptocurrencies (ValueWalk), Rated: A

Millenials enjoy the unique opportunity of being the first generation growing up in the midst of digital technology and, therefore, their thinking is different by default.  Technology plays a major role in their everyday lives from hiring a taxi to ordering food or find jobs to booking vacations in a manner significantly different from the experience of their parents.  Cryptocurrency fits nicely into their lifestyles.  Another particular reason why millennials fuel cryptocurrencies is their openness to embrace new technology to create opportunities for their own progression and that of blockchain, the technology that drives the cryptoworld.  The advent of blockchain technologyhas perhaps come at a very appropriate time helping the millennials to look at life away from the traditional 9-5 routine of the past generations.

Yet another reason why millennials fuel cryptocurrencies is that their risk taking ability is significantly better than their family elders.


Hexel lets you create an Ethereum token for your community (TechCrunch), Rated: A

Meet Hexel, a startup that wants to make it easy for anyone to use Ethereum-based tokens to engage their hyperlocal community. For example, a restaurant could use Hexel’s free tool to create and distribute a token as part of a rewards program, or a university could have their own token used as part of an on-campus economy.

To interact with Hexel you need to have a MetaMask wallet connected to the Ethereum network, since these newly issued tokens literally live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Axoni releases AxLang for formal verification of Ethereum smart contracts (Cryptoninjas), Rated: A

Axoni, a New York-based capital markets technology firm that specializes in distributed ledger infrastructure is today announcing AxLang, a new programming language that supports functional programming and enables formal verification of smart contracts for Ethereum-compatible networks.

Amazon Strikes a New Blockchain Partnership (Madison.com), Rated: A

Amazon’s new partnership is with technology consulting firm Luxoft Holding (NYSE: LXFT). Luxoft will join five others as one of six technology consulting firms to offer blockchain solutions certified to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It should be noted that this is not a proprietary Amazon blockchain solution. It seems to merely be Luxoft and other partners deploying open-source blockchain technology on AWS. Even on its blockchain website, Amazon says, “AWS is investing in blockchain through our partner ecosystem. If you’re involved in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, Security, or Compliance, and would like to innovate with us, we welcome your proposals.”

Blockchain company Centrifuge wants every business to get paid on time (TechCrunch), Rated: A

The co-founders behind Centrifuge have previously created an essential company with Taulia. Now, they want to do it again, but on the blockchain.

Taulia is a supply-chain financing company. It has raised over $150 million and moves billions of dollars per day. 97 out of the Fortune 100 companies use it to improve liquidity when it comes to accounts payable.

Shortly after that, Centrifuge will release its first app based on its protocol. And the first one will be a decentralized funding marketplace. Companies can automatically push out their unpaid invoices to Centrifuge. Banks or alternative lenders can provide liquidity to those companies using Centrifuge.

Blockchain Platform to Help Small Firms Enter in Manufacturing (CoinTelegraph), Rated: B

SyncFab, which launched in Silicon Valley five years ago, is working with the US Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Initiative and the cities of San Leandro, San Francisco and Oakland. The team believes smart technology will help smaller manufacturers with minimal marketing budgets who struggle to gain free exposure on search engines- allowing them to bid for more contracts and showcase their capabilities with ease.

233 Million Reasons Bitcoin And A Few Other Digital Currencies Will Win Survival Of The Fittest (Forbes), Rated: A

There are over 1,500 digital currencies, per coinmarketcap.com, with Bitcoin having the largest market cap at $200 billion. Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin have market caps starting at $85 billion and dropping to $12 billion. The next 20 have market caps that are over $1 billion with the next 115 over $100 million. About half of the remaining digital currencies have market caps under $1 million.

The SEC has warned investorsabout fraudulent ones and over $200 million seems to have disappeared from hundreds of recent Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs.

In my article “12 Reasons Bitcoin Could Fall Below $1,000,” fraudulent ICOs was one of them. News.Bitcoin.com performed an analysis of 2017’s Initial Coin Offerings. It utilized tokendata.io information and of the 902 ICOs it found “142 failed at the funding stage and a further 276 have since failed, either due to taking the money and running, or slowly fading into obscurity. This means that 46% of last year’s ICOs have already failed. ” They had raised over $104 million ranging from a couple of thousand dollars to a handful over $10 million.

A decade from now, bitcoin is more likely to be $ 100 than $ 100,000, Harvard economist (CNBC), Rated: A

The likelihood of bitcoin prices falling to $100 is greater than that of the digital currency trading at $100,000 a decade from now, Harvard University professor and economist Kenneth Rogoff said on Tuesday.

“I think bitcoin will be worth a tiny fraction of what it is now if we’re headed out 10 years from now … I would see $100 as being a lot more likely than $100,000 ten years from now,” Rogoff told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Guardian Circle chooses Neo (NEO) over Ethereum (CryptoRecorder), Rated: A

Guardian Circle, a blockchain application that intends to offer emergency services through the peer-to peer model.  Recently, it announced that it intends to launch its token through the Neo (NEO) platform.  But that’s not the big deal here, the deal is that the reasons they have highlighted for this decision point to the growing importance of NEO in the smart contracts space, relative to Ethereum.

One of the reasons the Guardian Circle team has offered for choosing NEO over Ethereum is the issue of congestion.

The Guardian Circle team also cited the issue of wallet integration.  The argument is that NEO has an expanded library that makes it easy for platforms looking to integrate their own wallets.

Guardian Circle also touched on the issue of programming languages. The NEO smart contract platform supports python one of the more common programming languages out there.

The Guardian Circle team also touched on the issue of transaction costs when choosing Neo (NEO) over Ethereum.

Quarter Million Dollars Already Raised in Bitcoin Cash 48 Hour Challenge (Bitcoin.com), Rated: A

Late Friday night, BCH enthusiast @jarenfeser posted to the popular subreddit /r/btc, a popular and uncensored forum. The thread immediately turned into a challenge. “Over the next 48 hours I will match all donations made to The Bitcoin Cash Fund (up to 300 BCH),” he wrote.

BCH supporters have already donated $250,000 to the fund as of a mere eight hours into the challenge, including support from Satoshi Dice.

ServerCube Launches ICO to Build Largest Decentralized High-Capacity Computing Network for Crypto-Mining, Deep-Learning AI, VR Modeling and BaaS (Cision), Rated: A

ServerCube, Inc. announces its ICO to support its growing distributed computing network that fulfills the promise of the decentralized Blockchain by inverting the traditional data center model and offering several investment opportunities at the same time.

Delivered directly to the home and requiring only internet and electrical access, a ServerCube Device utilizes its own software and network to initially mine cryptocurrency such as ETH. Its compact footprint fits comfortably in a corner at home or in a basement or garage, operates relatively quietly and uses energy efficiently.

Founder of defunct bitcoin exchange has a trail of lawsuits, judgments and at least one unpaid lawyer (CNBC), Rated: A

Jon Montroll, 37, was accused on Feb. 21 in a civil complaint by the Securities and Exchange Commission of running his cryptocurrency site BitFunder as an “unregistered securities exchange” and of defrauding users.

The SEC complaint said the Saginaw, Texas, resident failed to disclose a cyberattack on his exchange’s system and a bitcoin theft that followed that hack. In 2013, hackers were able to withdraw from about 6,000 bitcoins from BitFunder, the SEC said, worth about $775,000 at the time. As of Monday, those bitcoins were worth roughly $68.7 million.

You Can Use a Weed Grow Tent to Cool Your Bitcoin Mining Rig (Motherboard), Rated: A

The problem gets worse when you add more GPUs to the mix. That many machines mining in such close proximity pulls in a lot of electricity and generates a lot of heat. Miners have gotten creative with their cooling solutions. The most expensive we’ve seen is the Redditor who spent $120,000 to create a tank of mineral oil to cool his rig.

The dankest we’ve uses a $40 mylar tent designed for growing weed.

YouTuber Yuri Murakami ordered a cheap marijuana grow tent online, stuffed his mining rig inside and used a system of ducts to bring in cool air and push out hot air. In his video, the contraption looks like a discreet AC unit sitting in the corner.

DDoS Attacks Now Launched with Monero Ransom Notes (HackRead), Rated: A

According to the findings of IT security firm Akamai’s findings, attackers are now launching record-breaking DDoS attacks using a new method where victims are required to pay ransom in order to prevent cyber attacks. The difference is that this time around attackers have managed to embed ransom notes in the traffic itself.

SEC subpoenas show the SAFT approach to token sales is a bad idea (VentureBeat), Rated: AAA

Under a SAFT, or Simple Agreement for Future Tokens, developers raise capital from accredited investors pursuant to a Regulation D offering. The developers use the capital raised to develop the underlying network, and upon completion of the network, the SAFT is converted into a right to purchase tokens at a discount. The SAFT White Paper contends that the tokens purchased by exercising that right are non-security, utility tokens that are magically free-trading. Problem solved.

Except it’s not. In reality, the SAFT, as opposed to an innovative funding mechanism, is simply a window-dressed Regulation D 506c, that attempts to propagate the misguided notion that utility tokens are not securities.

Ironically, this misguided SAFT Framework introduces regulatory limitations that are contrary to the goals of ICOs: the offering of free-trading instruments open to all investors.

What If the SEC Is Going After the SAFT? (CoinDesk), Rated: A

At press time, it’s unclear when or whether the 80 or so subpoenas (or maybe it’s 200) were sent out; or which group of enthusiasts – be it advisers, lawyers, the issuers or investors – received the outreach. Industry experts believe there is probably a theme uniting the subpoenas, but even that is unconfirmed.

And while many, unsurprisingly, believe the SEC is going after fraudulent issuers, recent reporting indicates the SEC may be working on a systematic investigation of projects working under the simple agreements for future tokens (SAFTs) framework.

The Father of the JOBS Act Is Helping Build a Next-Generation ICO (CoinDesk), Rated: A

David Weild IV is calling for a Jobs Act 2.0 with blockchain at its core.

While that might not seem surprising coming from any other investor – since the act (formally called Jumpstart Our Business Startups) has yet to generate the growth in initial public offerings (IPOs) it was supposed to – this stance from this particular investor is notable since Weild himself is often called the “Father of the Jobs Act” for his research into the destructive nature of the equity markets on businesses.

But by tokenizing securities and moving them to a blockchain, he believes the problem can be solved, primarily in that it might, over time, eliminate the need for intermediaries altogether.

BitGo’s Jameson Lopp Departs for Casa, a Wallet Play for the Bitcoin Rich (Bitsonline), Rated: A

As such, the crypto engineer caught attention on the morning of March 2nd when he announced his three-year stint at BitGo was coming to a close. He said he’d be leaving for a “new venture,” which temporarily left fans wondering what would follow.

A few hours later, Lopp confirmed going forward he’d be serving as an engineer for Casa, a digital wallet company that aims its services at the crypto-wealthy — those who hold hundreds of thousands of dollars (and beyond) of cryptocurrency assets.

Machine Learning and Blockchain Technologies Enable HSBlox’s RevBlox (PR Newswire), Rated: B

Recognizing the difficult challenges healthcare providers and payers face with claims management in the era of value-based care, HSBlox, a technology company that is bringing innovation and transparent economics to the healthcare ecosystem, today announced the release of its patent-pending RevBlox solution.

Using continuous, adaptive and aware machine learning methods, the solution provides visibility at the payer contract, member plan, provider NPI, claim and service levels – unlike solutions that are rules-based. The intelligence gained is applied across practices.

2 Jailed for Using California Computers to Mine Digital Cash (U.S. News), Rated: B

Two former California state employees are going to jail for using state computers to mine digital currency.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office said that a judge sentenced Jeffrey Rikala and Jonathan Turrentine to 30 days in jail Monday.

‘Cryptocurrency’ Makes Its Merriam-Webster Dictionary Debut (Fortune), Rated: B

Among more than 850 new words and definitions added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this month, some cryptocurrency-related words are making their debut.

The word cryptocurrency itself and the term “initial coin offering” will also be added.

Unicorn, microcredit, and microfinance are also among the new additions to the dictionary.

United Kingdom

UK’s Digital Economy Theme reports investment of £7.2 million in digital currency technology (Finance Feeds), Rated: AAA

To date, the DE Theme has invested around £7.2 million in the following activities:

  • A £260,000 project – Third Party Dematerialisation and Rematerialisation of Capital;
  • An 18-month £0.4 million project investigating the phenomena of cryptocurrencies and their associated underlying technology – Cryptocurrency Effects in Digital Transformations (CREDIT);
  • A £3.7 million for seven interdisciplinary feasibility studies that will explore and understand transformative use cases of distributed ledger technology “Applications of Distributed Ledger Technology”.
  • Three projects relevant to research in applications of distributed ledger technology were supported under “Broad applications of distributed ledger technologies” as one of six focal areas in a £10 million call for research proposals on the Trust, Identity, Privacy and Security in the Digital Economy call (2015).

HireGo – Revolutionizing the Car Rental Market with Blockchain Technology (TechBullion), Rated: A

HireGo is however not your regular car rental, founded by Luqman Hussain and Adil Bashir, HireGo is the first decentralized peer to peer car rental platform based on the blockchain technology. With headquarters in Lancashire, United Kingdom, HireGo provides a decentralized marketplace for users to lease out their cars or rent cars from other users within the platform via the smart contracts protocol.

European Union

The World’s First Cryptocurrency Banking Service? (Fox Business), Rated: AAA

According to a reportOpens a New Window. earlier this week by CoinTelegraph Deutsch, blockchain-based payment service provider Bitwala announced that it aims to become the first to launch a cryptocurrency-based banking service. Bitwala has already submitted an application with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority to approve the project, and has suggested that approval would mean German deposit insurance would protect customer funds of up to 100,000 euro ($122,420), like any traditional banking service.

Ethereum fixes serious “eclipse” flaw that could be exploited by any kid (Ars Technica), Rated: AAA

Developers of Ethereum, the world’s No. 2 digital currency by market capitalization, have closed a serious security hole that allowed virtually anyone with an Internet connection to manipulate individual users’ access to the publicly accessible ledger.

Tutellus Drops Ethereum in Favor of NEM’s Blockchain (The Merkle), Rated: A

Their decision to migrate from Ethereum’s blockchain to NEM is quite intriguing, for many reasons. While the team acknowledges Ethereum is a very powerful blockchain ecosystem, they are also concerned about the expenses associated with it. More specifically, the transaction fees are an area of concern right now, especially for projects needing to run many events per user and per unit of time. There is also some concern regarding the centralization aspect of any project building on top of Ethereum in its current state, which is something that needs to be addressed as well.

Smart sensor start-up integrates with blockchain Distributed Ledger (Container Management), Rated: B

Nexiot, a developer of smart sensors for non-powered assets in the supply chain, has launched an integration with a blockchain type Distributed Ledger as part of its Digital Logistics Platform.

The company’s self-sustaining sensors send messages every five minutes from assets such as rail wagons, shipping containers, and boxes, including updates on location, impact events, border crossing, and mileage.

SCOTEX To Launch Scotland’s First ICO (MondoVisione), Rated: B

SCOTEX – the planned new stock exchange 2.0 company running on a Blockchain-based distributed ledger announces that it is raising capital via Scotland’s first ever ICO.

The Initial Coin Offering is the world’s first ICO-IPO hybrid, with an equity-like structure: token holders enjoy fee reductions, 30% of SCOTEX net revenue and full equity-style participation in upsides including any acquisition of SCOTEX. The ICO will be run according to the XCAP ICO Protocols that transpose many of the protections and standards of IPO’s into ICO’s. The ICO will take place on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol. Registrations for the ICO are being taken at xcap.com.



Crypto Investing Comes With a Big Risk: The Exchanges (WSJ), Rated: AAA

Investors have lost more than $700 million this year in hacks of two major cryptocurrency exchanges. The thefts at Florence, Italy-based BitGrail and Japan’s Coincheck bring total investor hacking losses since 2014 to around $1.4 billion, according to a Wall Street Journal review of recent hacks.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Jeff Furman, a 22-year old student at Northern Virginia Community College, said he lost about $60,000 worth of nano tokens on the BitGrail exchange in a hack disclosed in February.

crypto exchange hacks
Source: The Wall Street Journal

How Can You Integrate Blockchain Into Your Business? (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

Unibright is the world’s first blockchain based project of its kind that gives anyone the ability to craft powerful Blockchain solutions and Dapps with no coding skills or expensive developers. Users on the platform can define business integration workflows visually, without writing any codes.

These workflows enable Unibright tools to automatically create:

  • smart contracts for various blockchains
  • smart adapters to connect to different blockchains and off-chain IT-/ERP- systems
  • smart query sets to monitor the ongoing business process

Which Are the Most (and Least) Profitable ICOs of 2018 So Far? (The Merkle), Rated: AAA


Stratis led the way in terms of best returns for token holders and investor with over 108,000% in ROI. This is quite remarkable for a project that raised only $590,000 during its ICO event.

Chinese token Neo is second with an ROI of 88,511.32% for investors.

Lisk is the fourth best performer whiles QTUM is the fifth with ROIs of 26,665% and 18,531% respectively.


Cryptonetix leads the worst performing pack with an ROI of -93%.

Paragon accrued over $183 Million in ICO funding in October, 2017 but is currently the fourth worse performing token asset with an ROI of -74%.

BitJob comes in a close fifth in the league of worst performers with ROI of -71%.

8 Ways Telegram Thinks Its Own ICO Could Go Wrong (CoinDesk), Rated: A

  1. ‘Uncertain regulation’
  2. ‘Legal and Regulatory Factors’
  3. ‘Government and private actions’
  4. ‘Development and launch of TON’
  5. ‘Risks inherent to blockchains’
  6. ‘Integrating TON and Telegram
  7. ‘Issuer and use of funds’
  8. ‘Blockchain and crypto might never catch on’

Ripple (XRP) and Amazon Would Be A Match Made In Crypto Heaven (Oracle Times), Rated: A

One such partnership that we’d love to see is between Ripple (XRP) and the current King Of The Hill of online marketplaces, Amazon.

For you to capture the magnitude of such a partnership and how it would revolutionize the already revolutionary online marketplace known as Amazon, one has to sit back and really look at the operations of Amazon.com from all possible angles of business. By doing so, you will be able to pin point situations where Ripple payment settlement services and XRP (the coin) would be able to streamline operations and make an already efficient operation even more efficient.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is Getting Cloned with Callisto Airdrop (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

Callisto airdrop is scheduled for somewhere around March 2nd to March 5th. It still isn’t completely clear when will it definitely occur, but it is announced that the airdrop will take place at the beginning of March.

All ETC holders will get an equal amount of Callisto (CLO) in ratio 1:1. The transfer ETC to CLO should get a snapshot at 5500000th block. This change should not be mistaken for a hard fork like it was the case with Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. This case is rather categorized as a snapshot and can be compared to Bitcoin gold and similar “clones” that were launched over the years.

World’s first charitable cryptocurrency set for $ 10m public sale (Fintech Finance), Rated: B

Giftcoin – the world’s first cryptocurrency specifically for charitable giving and good causes – is set for public sale with a $10m / £7.19m initial token offering.


The ICO of Havven, A Decentralized Stablecoin Payment Network Successfully Closed, Raises USD 30 Million! (NewsBTC), Rated: A

Havven, a decentralized stable coin payment network, has successfully achieved its hard CAP of USD30 million in its ICO, even before its ending date of March 6, 2018.


Crackdown fears force Indian cryptocurrency exchanges to close (CNN), Rated: AAA

BTCXIndia, a platform for buying and selling ripple, and ETHEXIndia, where users can trade ethereum, stopped processing transactions for clients on Monday.

They ceased operations because of threatening language from the Indian government, according to Kamesh Mupparaju, the founder and CEO of both markets.


Korean internet giant Kakao is launching a blockchain company (TechCrunch), Rated: AAA

Kakao, the Korean internet firm that operates the country’s largest messaging app, is moving deeper into crypto after it revealed plans to launch a blockchain-focused business unit.

A Kakao representative confirmed the plans and that the company has hired Han Jaesun, CTO of gaming startup FuturePlay, to head up the business.

Consentium, a chat app with a digital currency transfer feature, raises US$ 10M (e27), Rated: A

Consentium, a mobile chat app that also allows multi-digital currency transfer between users, has launched with a US$10 million funding from its private ICOsale.

The funds will be used to drive expansion across Asia, with Singapore and China being in the first phase, and Japan and South Korea in the second half of 2018. A portion of the funds will also go into driving growth, community development and product innovation.

Cambodia expected to follow Venezuela with plans for a national cryptocurrency (The Telegraph), Rated: A

Cambodia is considering the development of its own national cryptocurrency after being inspired by the launch of the Venezuelan Petro in February.

The Cambodian crypto project would be named Entapay, and is expected to be proposed at a blockchain summit of Southeast Asian nations in its capital, Phnom Penh, on Wednesday, which will be attended by the country’s deputy prime minister, Men Sam An.

New digital currency regulation on horizon (The Nation), Rated: A

The Justice Ministry will on Tuesday announce proposals for how to deal with the emergence of digital currencies to protect investors and prevent money laundering, Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister ACM Prajin Juntong said yesterday.

High Speed Blockchain Zilliqa Adds Two Smart Contract Experts as Advisors (Crowdfund Insider), Rated: B

Speedy blockchain platform Ziliqa has added smart contract technology experts Dr. Ilya Sergey and Evan Cheng to their advisory board. Ziliqa is a project founded by researchers at the National University of Singapore and is designed to address the transactional shortcomings in most of the Blockchain iterations in use today.


Stellar CEO: We Want to Be “Real Enough” When this Dot.Com Bubble Pops (Finance Magnates), Rated: A

We want to give a $10 worth of Stellar to a lot of people, but the system is not ready yet technologically (in terms of wallets, etc). We’ve been hiring like crazy over the last 2 months and we’ll be announcing something HUGE real soon.

We’re in a dot.com bubble kind of situation. We just want to make sure we’re real enough when the crash comes. ICOs on top of Stellar – It’s an open system, so every one can do it.


‘Big Bitcoin Heist’—Iceland Cryptocurrency Thefts Lead to 11 Arrests (Fortune), Rated: AAA

Eleven people, including a security guard, were arrested in Iceland in connection with the theft of almost $2 million worth of cryptocurrency-mining equipment from local data centers.

First Nordic shipping ICO announced (Splash247), Rated: A

Nordic shipping ICO


Canadian Regulator Warns Against ‘Illegal’ Crypto Investment Scheme (CoinDesk), Rated: A

In a March 5 statement, representatives from the Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCSC) sounded the alarm about Bitcoin-bank.io, which according to its website promises a daily return on deposits through the use of a “BTCB” token. The site notably restricts the days on which the token in question can be bought or sold, stating that the first such “selling day” isn’t until April 23.

DMG Blockchain Inks Partnership to Establish “Best Practices” for Digital Currency Mining (Coinsquare), Rated: A

In a press release published March 5th, 2018, Vancouver-based DMG Blockchain Solutions announced a partnership with international networking equipment manufacturer, D-Link. Together, the two companies hope to establish improved practices for the digital currency mining industry.

DApp: A new approach to business through blockchain (Digital Journal), Rated: B

eXeBlock Technology Corp. is a local company based in Debert, Nova Scotia. The company is developing disruptive applications enabling businesses and individuals to approach familiar tasks in an innovative and cost-effective way. eXeBlock recently announced 50/50Labs, a decentralized application (DApp) designed to disrupt the expanding charity and fundraising space.


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