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2 Wangjing Soho Must-Attend Events in China

blockchain conference

1st Event

Date: Sat, March 31, 2018
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM CST


Wangjing Soho – T3 – B – 30th Floor

This event will include presentations from Autonomy and Holic.


By building a Blockchain-based protocol to empower the coming self-driving vehicles cloud economy, Autonomy is making the next blockchain of transportation. Its product is an open protocol, the ATMY Blockchain, available to all participants to a transportation service to enable the transparent exchange of information. APIs will be available for every sector and need, to inter-operate on a turning-complete infrastructure. Self-driving cars will communicate with each other, with the road infrastructure, with the people / goods being transported, with mapping and other service providers; everyone will have access to and feed data the ATMY blockchain. ATMY will make the data available to all parties via APIs and as such, the end result will be more valuable than the sum of its parts.


A current Cyprus-based, $20 million revenue bitcoin mining specialist. In response to increasing pressure for efficiency in its current mining operations, Holic has designed the technology for next-generation 7nm chips that will produce the fastest mining to date. Holic plans to make the 7nm miner widely available to the public by creating a blockchain ecosystem that aligns all interests with a HOLIC Token. A next generation miner made widely available to the public through a blockchain ecosystem. Holic has developed its own FinFET-based miner called the Holic 28T, which integrates 7nm chips with 100 logical gates and extremely low power requirements. A working prototype achieved outstanding results.

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2nd Event

Date: Sun, April 1, 2018
Time: 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM CST


Wangjing Soho – T3 – B – 30th Floor

This event will include a presentation from Balehu and XCHNG.

Balehu – Powering Commerce

Worldwide, small business are struggling to grow. In the U.S. alone 50% of companies fail in their first 5 years. The key challenge is cash flow. Balehu’s research and early traction has proven that the solution to this challenge is to create a growth engine made specifically for small businesses. Leveraging proof of stake its protocol can validate transactions on consumer mobile devices. Additional software tools that provide marketing and sales capabilities designed for small business use cases will also be available powered by the protocol.

Kochava (XCHNG Blockchain)

Today’s digital ecosystem is more complex than ever, making it difficult for marketers to capture and analyze all digital touchpoints. Further, the supply chain itself does not operate on a common system of insertion orders that are traceable from contract to delivery to measurement and ratings. As a global market of over $220 billion in 2017, the digital advertising industry is ripe for transformation. Outside of the duopoly of Google and Facebook, there is currently no system which enables targeting audiences at scale while also protecting consumers’ personal data and identities. Additionally, the advertising space is fraught with issues such as ad fraud and brand safety issues, where fifty cents of every dollar is lost to middleware, mediation and fraud.

The framework addresses the critical concerns in the digital advertising landscape through:

  1. Facilitating the buying and selling of ads using smart contract IOs;
  2. Enabling the related targeting and activation of audiences;
  3. Bolstering ad-spend efficiency and security;
  4. Adopting a next-generation advertising system-of-record for all participants; and
  5. Tokenizing the framework to treat digital ads as a true asset class.

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