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Bitcoin 12-month performance
Source: CoinDesk

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Ethereum Classic Spikes 25% on Coinbase Listing News (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

The price of ethereum classic, the cryptocurrency that was forked off the ethereum blockchain in July 2016, surged by 25 percent on Tuesday, following the news that it is being added to Coinbase’s trading options.

The U.S. cryptocurrency exchange announced on Tuesday morning in a blog post that it is has started the engineering work to integrate ethereum classic with its platform and expects the service to be live in the “coming months.”

CFTC zeros in on Coinbase, Kraken Bitstamp and ItBit for possible price manipulation (FXStreet), Rated: AAA

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has launched an investigation into Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken as well as ItBit exchanges. This investigation could have been the possible cause for Bitcoinprice tanking 10% in a day cutting short a rebound that traders were eagerly waiting for.

Bitcoin.org Website Updates, Removes Coinbase, Blockchain.com & Bitpay Listings (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

One of the most famous crypto websites, Bitcoin.org, has updated its look during the last week. But some parts of its design have called the attention of the community. It has eliminated incredibly popular crypto-related platforms such as Coinbase, Blockchain.com, and Bitpay.

Bitcoin Struggles For Direction After Sharp Drop (Forbes), Rated: AAA

Bitcoin, the world’s largest digital currency by market value, has been struggling to define a new trend after plunging to its lowest in more than two months.

The cryptocurrency dropped to $6,647.33 at roughly 18:15 UTC (2:15 p.m. EST) on Sunday, a nearly 12.5% decline from the same time 24 hours before, CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) figures show.

CFTC Subpoena’s Impact

In addition to these two factors, several analysts claimed that the market finally priced in the subpoenas that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) issued Friday.

Since hitting its recent low on Sunday, the digital currency has fluctuated within a relatively tight range, moving between roughly $6,600 and $6,900.

Bitcoin price falls but doesn’t flatline (TechCrunch), Rated: A

Bitcoin, down from its all time high of around $19,000, is now floating at $6,785 as of this writing. To many this means that either the Bitcoin experiment is over or, to many more, that it has just begun.

Source: TechCrunch

This is the seven-day trading volume for almost all of the exchanges.

exchange trading volume
Source: TechCrunch

Don’t count on a bitcoin rebound from the weekend rout any time soon (CNBC), Rated: A

Bitcoin‘s plunge below $7,000 to a two-month low indicates the cryptocurrency will have a difficult time recovering, technical strategists say.

Bitcoin 12-month performance

Bitcoin 12-month performance
Source: CoinDesk

Bitcoin has not bottomed yet, says CNBC’s Ran Neu Ner (CNBC), Rated: A

Is your bitcoin safe? CNBC’s Ran Neu Ner, Melissa Lee and the Futures Now traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Dan Nathan.

This Could Be The Next Big Thing For The Bitcoin Price (Forbes), Rated: A

But there have been some bright spots too — transaction fees are down, the number of stores accepting Bitcoin both online and in the real world are up, and regulators appear to be favouring a soft touch.

One of the best things for the Bitcoin price this year has been the interest from some of the world’s biggest trading platforms and exchanges — with at least two expected to announce they will soon allow large investors to buy and hold Bitcoin.

3 Models To Explain Bitcoin’s Market Cap (Seeking Alpha), Rated: AAA

I have found three very strong correlations between the Bitcoin market cap and the data that we can parse from the network. Each of these were derived from log transformations and regression analysis.

Indicator Name Unique Addresses Network Hash Rate Total Transactions
Strengths Good gauge of actual network activity on a monthly basis. This metric is less subject to speculation because of the real world implications of mining at scale (moving dirt, laying power lines etc). Gives a ratcheting up point of view in which Bitcoin’s price is either forced up over time or has to fail completely.
Weaknesses Can be thrown off by batching and volatility in transaction fees due to dust consolidation Indicator can be thrown off by advances in computing and can lag the market because of the gap in time between investment and operations of large mining facilities. If people completely stop using Bitcoin, this figure would break down because it would simply flatten out instead of showing the market cap drop to zero.
Reasoning Metcalfe’s Law (the network effect) Miner CAPEX may reflect future expected earnings of industry insiders Longer blockchains are more secure and closer to immutability
Correlation (monthly sample) 0.9708 0.9567 0.9676
P-Value 3.1501E-58 1.4915E-50 3.2910E-56
bitcoin models
Source: blockchain.info and Seeking Alpha

The two big scaling solutions that are being worked on right now in Bitcoin are Lightning network and segwit. Segwit has been out since August of 2017, but it still is only being used in about 35% of network transactions.

bitcoin segwit
Source: P2SH.info
lightning network
Source: P2SH.info

Wells Fargo Is the Latest Bank to Bar Consumers From Buying Bitcoin While Using Its Credit Cards (Fortune), Rated: B

America’s third largest bank by assets, Wells Fargo, said Monday that customers will no longer be able to purchase Bitcoin and its ilk using credit cards issued by the firm.

3 Amendments To Ripple’s Code Are Up For Voting, Furthering Decentralization (Ethereum World News), Rated: A

Moving away from the current market turmoil caused from the hack at Coinrail and the investigation on 4 leading crypto-exchanges by U.S authorities, is a list of recent amendments to the Ripple’s revolutionary software known as rippled v1.0.0. The software was released on the 31st of May and is evidently one of the best works by the Ripple development team who had spent 6 years developing the code.

This code has since gone through 3 amendments that need to be voted on. A detailed description of each of the amendments can be found below.

  • The fix1543 amendment enforces reserved flag ranges on escrow, payment channel, and ticket transactions.
  • The fix1571 amendment changes the EscrowCreate transaction to require the Condition or FinishAfter field (or both) and also fixes a flaw that incorrectly prevents time-based Escrows from being finished in some circumstances.
  • The fix1623 amendment adds delivered amount metadata to CheckCash transactions that cash a check for a flexible amount.

LTC/USD: Litecoin Tumbles To Lowest Trading Level Since February (Trade Captain), Rated: AAA

Litecoin has fallen to its lowest trading level since February 2nd this year, as the broader cryptocurrency market comes under heavy selling pressure from fundamentally negative developments over the weekend. The LTC/USD pair has so far found support from just above the $100 level, with price currently consolidating around the May monthly-low, at $106.

Source: Trade Captain

Litecoin suffers from Coinrail hack, but the bulls bite back (Crypto News Review), Rated: A

Bullish Litecoin fans were in the pink when the top-10 coin bounced back to near record highs last week.

All signs were looking good for the 2011-created cryptotoken. That is, until the early hours of 10 June when news filtered through that South Korean exchange Coinrail had been hacked (more on that here). Along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and almost all of the top-100 cryptocoins, Litecoin lost a portion of its value as spooked investors sold up and fled the market.

According to Coinmarketcap.com, each of the top 10 tokens had lost between 4 and 8% of their value in the 24 hours to Monday 11 June.

PayBito Joins Coinbase, Bitfinex and Kraken in Being the First Few… (Virtual Strategy Magazine), Rated: A

California based Blockchain company, HashCash Consultants which operates the crypto exchange, PayBito, has rolled out SegWit.

The implementation was completed in March this year. The announcement to the media was made today.

Cryptocurrency And Mining Impact Deep Dive: Antminer E3 – The End Of GPU Mining? (Seeking Alpha), Rated: AAA

In the month of July, the release of Bitmain’s Antminer E3 poses a risk to both AMD and NVDA’s cryptocurrency revenue source. If it delivers what it promises, not only will AMD and NVDA be losing future cryptocurrency related GPU sales, they will have to deal with cryptocurrency miners unloading their graphics cards into the secondary market. Which would be catastrophic.

Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million bitcoins. At the time of writing, we are at block #526442, and approximately 85% of all bitcoins have been distributed. At this current block, bitcoin inflation is approximately 4%.

bitcoin network hashrate
Source: Blockchain.info
ethereum network hashrate
Source: Blockchain.info

The Antminer E3 promises 2.5x efficiency over traditional GPU mining and can potentially put this revenue source to rest. The E3 promises 180 MH/s for $800 (first batch). Versus the efficient 8x RX580 setup at 232 MH/s for $2800, this is 2.72 times more efficient. If we compare it to the 13x RX580 setup at 377 MH/s for $4300, it is still 2.57x more efficient. If it delivers what it promises, there will no reason for miners to buy GPUs to mine Ethereum.

Apple Bans Apps That Mine Cryptocurrencies (Bleeping Computer), Rated: A

Apple has updated its review guidelines to specifically prohibit iOS and Mac apps uploaded on the company’s official App Store from utilizing users’ devices for cryptocurrency mining operations.

The ban applies for apps designed explicitly with mining operations in mind. Other cryptocurrency-related functions, like managing or trading cryptocoin funds, are still permitted.

Fidelity Investments Could Open Cryptocurrency Exchange (Investopedia), Rated: A

Fidelity Investments may shake off its long-held conservative reputation in the coming months by opening a cryptocurrency exchange. Unnamed sources told Business Insider that the broker has circulated an employee memo, seeking to hire a programmer who can “engineer, create and deploy a Digital Asset exchange to both a public and private cloud.” Abigail Johnson, owner of the privately held brokerage, expressed enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies in May 2017, noting that the broker “set up a small bitcoin and ethereum mining operation … that miraculously now is actually making a lot of money.”

MIT Researchers Test Oracles and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Lightning Network (InfoQ), Rated: A

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has revealed the results of their tests running smart contracts on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. These results were recently shared with Coindesk from researchers Tadge Dryja and Alin S. Dragos. Running smart contracts on the Bitcoin network isn’t necessarily new, however, the approach of using trusted entities called oracles with smart contracts is what makes their approach unique on the Bitcoin blockchain. This research was performed within the prestigious university’s Digital Currency Initiative, which was launched in 2015 as a way to further research cryptocurrencies.

The busy person’s route to cryptocurrency investing (Biz Journals), Rated: A

Shrimpy has designed a way for its customers to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios online. Its website focuses on automated strategies that are designed to allow users to set and forget their investments. They can select assets, allocate a portfolio and rebalance on a regular interval. The company says that while investing in cryptocurrencies can be a nightmare, its site simplifies the process.

LA’s ‘Bitcoin Maven’ Faces Sentence for Running an Illegal Money Exchange (NBC Los Angeles), Rated: A

Sentencing was postponed Monday for a Los Angeles woman who made at least $300,000 annually by operating an illegal, unregistered multi-million dollar money transmitting business that exchanged the digital currency Bitcoin for cash.

Theresa Tetley, 50, who operated under the name “Bitcoin Maven,” previously pleaded guilty in downtown Los Angeles to federal charges of having operated a money transmission business that failed to comply with federal registration requirements and that she conducted a financial transaction involving proceeds of drug trafficking, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

SEC Launches ICO Portal: Highlights Risks, Rewards, and Responsibilities (Block Explorer), Rated: A

To further warn potential investors of the dangers initial coin offerings, the SEC has published a website on the increasingly popular capital raising method, providing what the SEC calls the “three ‘Rs’ of ICOs: Risks Rewards and Responsibilities.”

US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Offers ICO Guide on Official Website (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

SEC has recently published a guide onto its official website and considers it as an educational tool to distinguish sound projects from scams. This is important given the fact that many projects have strongly suggested high and unattainable ROIs, which is something many investors are attracted to.

The guide seems to have highlighted some key things consumers need to know, including:

  • The possibility that ICOs can be considered as securities and not just utility tokens
  • Given ICOs are securities, they must undergo registration processes with SEC
  • ICOs, like any investment, has risks tied to them, hence doing research is crucial
  • Ensure to request details to clarify any confusions prior to investing

The next section covered in the SEC’s guide has been tailored for investors specifically. It addresses the following issues:

  • Possible overseas traveling of funds without investors’ knowledge
  • Doing research
  • If an investment sounds too good to be true, be cautious
  • Understanding the notion of exchanges and how it implies to existing products

‘Silly’ For SEC To Write ICO Rules When Sector Changes Quickly, Says Commissioner Jackson (Forbes), Rated: B

It would be “silly” for the Securities and Exchange Commission to write Initial Coin Offering rules when the investments change so quickly, SEC Democratic Commissioner Robert Jackson Jr. asserted today.

UT snags $ 2 million for blockchain research (Biz Journals), Rated: A

The University of Texas has taken a keen interest in blockchain, the distributed ledger tech underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It now has $2 million to further those efforts.

8 Hot Blockchain Vendors Solution Providers Should Check Out (CRN), Rated: A

With Gartner projecting blockchain’s business value-add to grow to $176 billion by 2015, the technology’s applicability is expected to impact many industries, including banking, insurance, retail, health care and transportation.

What follows are eight hot blockchain vendors whose software you can start using today.


Bitcoin Meltdown: Cryptocurrencies Lost $ 42 Billion in Value Over the Weekend (Fortune), Rated: AAA

The 2018 selloff in cryptocurrencies deepened, wiping out $42 billion of market value over the weekend and extending this year’s slump in Bitcoin to more than 50%.

Back-to-back Coinbase, Binance Announcements see $ 350mn Flood into Ethereum Classic (ETC) (Crypto Coin Spy), Rated: AAA

Tuesday morning (JST) saw investors rush to buy up Ethereum Classic (ETC) following two major announcements out of Coinbase and Binance; both of which were published within exactly 41 minutes of one another.

Exactly 41 minutes after Coinbase’s huge announcement, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, doubled their ETC trading pairs available to their customers, or, Binancians.

Binance and NEO Invest $ 12 Million in Crowd Equity Platform (Global Coin Report), Rated: AAA

A recent attempt to raise money, made by the crowd equity platform called Republic, has had an interesting and unexpected development. The platform managed to raise $12 million thanks to Binance LabsNEO, and other companies. The amount raised is for a presale of their new token, while the total goal for the platform is to raise $92 million during the public sale.

Hacking Will Make Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Ripple Stronger (Forbes), Rated: AAA

Hacking will cool off the hype for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies in the short-run, but it will make them stronger in the long-run.

major cryptocurrencies
Source: Forbes

94 Out of Top 100 Blockchain Projects are Built on Ethereum (CCN), Rated: AAA

According to Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency researcher and YouTuber, the Ethereum community already has more than 250,000 developers and 94 out of the top 100 blockchain projects have launched on top of the Ethereum network.

$2 billion China-based IoT blockchain network VeChain, $1 billion high performance blockchain Ontology, $900 million South Korea-based ICON, and $850 million Sharding-focused blockchain project Zilliqa are a few examples of major blockchain projects that currently exist on the Ethereum network.

Four Greatest DApps for Investing in Ethereum, Bitcoin, Qtum, and Many More (Coinspeaker), Rated: A

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Since Coinbase is indeed the easiest way to buy digital coins, it is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to invest in blockchain technology. If you are a genuine blockchain developer, a would-be crypto tycoon, or someone just starting to whet your digital coin whistle, Coinbase can be a great investment dApp.

The only downside to Bitcoin Checker is a superficial one: its name. A blockchain developer or crypto investor could be forgiven for assuming that this dApp only deals with Bitcoin as its name suggests. But that is wrong, very wrong.

I love Blockfolio because it does both the micro and the macro. Truly a dream to any blockchain developer or investor who gives it a try, Blockfolio gives you real-time insight into both your individual digital coin investments and your crypto portfolio as a whole. And, considering that Blockfolio tracks more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies along and converts them into just about every major Fiat Currency on the planet, you can be assured that it will scratch wherever you itch.

What I most like about Evercoin is that it is a fast and easy to use cryptocurrency investment dApp. What I do not like is that Evercoin is linked to just one cryptocurrency exchange.

A new report bursts the blockchain bubble (MarTech), Rated: B

The report from research firm GlobalData, “Blockchain – Thematic Research” [fee required], argues that the new technology’s bubble “will burst in the next two years [and] will have lost much of its gloss by 2025.” Summarizing blockchain as “awash with hype, but with a powerful core value proposition” of distributed ledger tech, the report was researched over the last 18 months and involved interviews with about a hundred organizations.

European Union

Crypto Exchange Binance to Offer Fiat-Crypto Trading via Malta-Based Platform (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Crypto exchange Binance announced plans to allow fiat-crypto trading this year through a separate Malta-based exchange, a Binance representative told Cointelegraph today, June 11.

Crypto Giant Binance to Offer Euro Trading Pairs This Year (Bloomberg), Rated: A

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by traded value, will soon allow customers to convert digital tokens into fiat currencies such as the euro, according to Chief Executive Officer Zhao Changpeng.

Crypto Exchange Binance Freezes Substratum (SUB) Ahead of Smart Contract Alteration (Crypto Coin Spy), Rated: B

On Monday evening (JST), leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that one of their listed virtual tokens, Substratum (SUB), would be temporarily frozen whilst the team behind Substratum work on fixing a “potential owner-permission issue.”

Hackers Stole Over $ 20 Million From Misconfigured Ethereum Clients (Bleeping Computer), Rated: AAA

A group of hackers has stolen over $20 million worth of Ethereum from Ethereum-based apps and mining rigs, Chinese cyber-security firm Qihoo 360 Netlab reported today.

The cause of these thefts is Ethereum software applications that have been configured to expose an RPC [Remote Procedure Call] interface on port 8545.

Ethereum “Giveaway” Scammers Have Tricked People Out of .3 Million (Bleeping Computer), Rated: A

Online crooks promoting fake “giveaways” have tricked people out of 8,148 Ether, currently worth around $4.3 million, according to statistical data compiled in EtherScamDB.

Swiss City Zug To Trial Voting Through Blockchain Technology (ETHNews), Rated: A

Now, the city of Zug is piloting an e-voting system based on blockchain technology. Between June 25 and July 1, all residents enrolled in an existing blockchain-based digital identification system will be able to vote in an online poll using an Ethereum-based “uPort” app. In November 2017, Zug launched the underlying digital identification system.

Lithuania Issues Guidelines for When ICO Tokens Are Securities (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Lithuania’s Ministry of Finance has issued guidelines on initial coin offerings (ICOs), outlining when cryptographic tokens would be viewed as securities and how each aspect of a token sale should be regulated by different laws in the country.


Blockchain Ireland, a leading source of information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, was launched today by the Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG), led by IDA Ireland. The online platform will serve as the go-to source of information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, assisting the promotion of Ireland as a blockchain centre of excellence.

The EU Wants to Hear Your Questions About Blockchain (CoinDesk), Rated: B

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum announced through a tweet on Monday that it is hosting a 90-minute AMA (Ask me anything) session on June 18, to address any concerns from the public about blockchain and the organization’s future plan in the emerging space.

United Kingdom

Coinrail suffers £28 million in coin theft, hacked during ICO offering (SC Magazine UK), Rated: AAA

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail suffered a breach on Sunday that allowed hackers to steal Pundi X (NPXS), NPER (NPER), and Aston (ATX) coins being offered for sale as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

In a blog post published on Sunday, Coinrail said that around 30 percent of coins stored in its servers were stolen by unknown hackers but two-thirds of them were later recovered after the exchange managed to freeze addresses where hackers had stored the stolen coins. The firm is now working with law enforcement authorities and other exchanges to recover the remaining coins.

UK Financial Regulator Advises Banks on How to Manage Risks of ‘Crypto Assets’ (Coin Telegraph), Rated: A

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued guidance for banks on how to handle the risks associated with “crypto assets”, according to a letterposted on the FCA’s website June 11.

London Block Exchange Study Says Womens Are Leading Crypto Investments (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

It is widely believed that womens are less involved in the cryptocurrency investment world than men. But a new research shows that the number of women considering to invest in virtual currencies has doubled in the last half of year.

Almost 13 percent of women could potentially invest in the crypto market compared to 6 percent at the end of 2017 when Bitcoin was reaching its highest point ($20,000 dollars). The research has been carried out by the London Block Exchange.


Ripple VP to South Korea: Don’t Over-Regulate Cryptocurrencies (cryptovest), Rated: AAA

After the hack of a relatively small South Korean exchange induced panic on the cryptocurrency market, Eric van Miltenburg—senior vice president at Ripple—said that the government should refrain from imposing more heavy restrictions on its own market.

This startup wants to enable merchants to accept digital currency anywhere, anytime (The Next Web), Rated: A

SelfPay.Asia, a point of sale (POS) payment aggregator, uses local payment processors in each merchant’s country to provide a unified mobile and Web interface to accept international credit cards and local debit cards, according to its white paper.

Seoul and Ground X to cooperate on blockchain social impact projects (ZDNet), Rated: B

South Korean chat giant Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary will cooperate with Seoul Digital Foundation to co-develop blockchain projects.

IDHub Foundation becomes a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (PR Newswire), Rated: B

IDHub Foundation has recently announced its entrance into the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). IDHub will realize its low-level blockchain structure and the docking of technology using blockchain digital identity on the Ethereum platform so as to achieve full development and integration into the Ethereum ecosystem. On top of drawing resources and vigor from EEA, IDHub will collaborate with its partners to promote privacy, security and scalability on the Ethereum blockchain, with the aim of making them more applicable to enterprise-level applications.


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