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Gemini Exchange Confirms It Will Soon Add Litecoin (LTC) To Its Platform (Smartereum), Rated: AAA

On 12 September, Gemini Exchange – a digital currency trading platform based in New York – replied a request that was made by a Twitter user on one of the exchange’s posts. In the post, the Twitter users made an inquiry regarding the addition of Litecoin (LTC) to the trading platform of Gemini. The official Twitter handle of Gemini Support commented on the request and said that Litecoin (LTC) will soon be added to the platform.

Gemini Custodian is Able to Alter or Reverse Gemini Dollar Transactions (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

The implementation of the recently launched Gemini dollar (GUSD) stablecoin can be completely changed by a Gemini custodian every 48 hours, according to a study authored by blockchainresearcher Alex Lebed and crypto consultant Alexey Akhunov, published on Medium on September 11.

In the research, the authors review the code of the GUSD’s smart contract in order to demonstrate that the implementation of the Gemini USD can become non-transferrable or frozen at any moment, which is noted in the Gemini dollar’s white paper. The option of pausing, blocking, or reversing GUSD transfers is one of the basic technical principles of the new centralized stablecoin introduced by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, according to the white paper.

Litecoin (LTC) Leads Today’s Market Performance Together With Monero XMR (Ethereum World News), Rated: AAA

Out of the top ten leading cryptocurrencies, Monero‘s XMR is tremendously positive at 8.07% increase, followed by the 7th largest by market cap LTC at 6.37%.

Source: Ethereum World News
Source: Ethereum World News

Ethereum Co-Founder Invested in Bitcoin at $ 1 in 2011, What’s Changed? (CCN), Rated: AAA

Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum and Cardano, entered the cryptocurrency sector when Bitcoin was valued at just over $1. Since then, the infrastructure supporting the market and blockchain systems has changed drastically, at an exponential rate.

In an interview with Mpho Dagada, Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, a technology company that leads the development of Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum Classic (ETC), said that he first engaged in the cryptocurrency sector by mining Bitcoin in 2011, when the dominant cryptocurrency was worth about $1.

In 2013, as the price of Bitcoin increased by 250-fold from $1 to $250, Hoskinson decided to be involved in the sector, with passion to lead major projects.

Source: CCN

Bitcoin Hashpower Doubled Since May Despite 70% Correction (CCN), Rated: AAA

Fundstrat, a Wall Street-based investment firm led by Tom Lee, reported that the hashpower of Bitcoin has doubled since May.

“Despite BTC bear market, hashpower doubled since May to 57 EH/s – Even with upgrades to existing equipment, implies almost 1GW of new power consumption vs 5.2GW in May ’18. Breakeven now $7300 ($5300 cash BE) vs. $6000 in May,” Sam Doctor at Fundstrat said.


Bitcoin is making a slow and steady recovery toward $7,000. Has bearish market sentiment alleviated? Or, are the current gains simply the result of a market-wide oversold bounce?

On Thursday, BTC broke through the $6,450 resistance and proceeded to reach a weekly high just shy of $6,600. This was prior to a  brief pullback to $6,400.

Bitcoin 4-hour chart

Source: Bitcoinist

Since pulling back from the weekly high ($6,597), BTC has been continuously rejected near the 200-MA ($6,612). Up until this morning, a pattern of lower highs continued as the RSI and Stoch began to descend from overbought territory.

These frequent rejections at $6,530 are a result of a lack of bull volume on each attempt and if BTC were to fall below $6,414 (20-MA) and $6,358 (50-MA and most recent low) then a revisit to $6,270 could occur.

Bitcoin 1-hour chart

Bitcoin 1-hour
Source: Bitcoinist

You Can Now Send and Receive Litecoin Over SMS (CryptoVibes), Rated: AAA

his idea was already presented by Zulu Republic team as ‘soon to be released‘ tool on August 9, 2018, but nothing really was confirmed or presented till now. A leaked photo from Litecoin Summit 2018 clearly shows confirmation of Lite.im going live.

Currently Lite.im will be only available in the U.S. but other countries will include soon.

Litecoin CEO Opens Up on Why He Sold All His Litecoin Shares (The Oofy), Rated: A

He reinforced his decision of selling all his Litecoin by stating that “it would have sacked” if he had not done. He further proceeded by saying that he sold all his stake because by then, Litecoin was thriving and the capital he obtained from the sales assisted him to concentrate fully on the growth of Litecoin.

A Decade After Lehman Brothers Died: Mises, Satoshi, Bitcoin, and Wall Street Worship (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

Investment banks successfully captured levers of government regulation, both sectors preying upon the need for housing, and together they created a moral hazard, leading to what is known as malinvestment, as predicted by a cranky, marginalized mid 20th century economist, Ludwig von Mises.

This is what happens when governments control money.

The phenomenon may have also helped hasten Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper to be made flesh, as in early January of the following year, the Bitcoin network mined its first block. While the cryptocurrency phenomenon was founded in direct opposition to Wall Street and its finance system, what a difference ten years has made. Almost all happy talk the community engages in at present can be categorized as Wall Street worship: crypto enthusiasts now work to be absorbed into the very system predecessors once despised.

Lehnman bankruptcy
unemployment rate

3 Ripple Updates You Might Have Missed This Week (Ethereum World News), Rated: A

On the 10th of September, Ripple released ripple-lib version 1.0.0.

On the 12th of September, the team at Ripple team highlighted how RippleNet was easing remittances between Japan and Thailand. Up to 45,000 Thai workers live in Japan and traditional remittances home involved multiple visits to the bank for one transaction to complete. There was also the extra time to complete the transaction as well as the lack of a communication system in the traditional wire transfer.

On the 13th of September, the team at Ripple announced that following pilot tests with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) has joined RippleNet. NCB was the first bank established in the country and is now one of the largest financial institutions in the region.

Institutions Finally Ready to Commit to Bitcoin (NewsBTC), Rated: A

Although the collective value of all crypto markets is only a tad above its year-to-date low, institutions still seem poised to tackle digital assets head on, with an array of Wall Street giants making meaningful moves throughout the past week.


Representatives of Coinbase announced that they were going to double the number of their employees from 250 to 500. Just a few months after disclosing of this goal, representatives of the company noted that their employer had more than 500 employees on salary.

The number of employees will continue to grow as the exchange has opened an office in New York to accommodate and appeal to institutional investors who seek access to crypto assets and blockchain technologies.

Regulator Sues U.S. Government over Right to Regulate Fintech Companies Like Coinbase (Bitrates), Rated: A

Maria Vullo, the superintendent of New York State Department of Financial Services is suingthe federal government over its decision to award national bank charters to online lenders and payment platforms, including cryptocurrency-related platforms such as Coinbase Inc.

Buyer’s Remorse? Cryptocurrency Lawsuits Have Tripled Since 2017 (CCN), Rated: A

Cryptocurrency lawsuits increased threefold in the first two quarters of 2018 compared to the whole of last year.

This is according to a report prepared by Lex Machina, a legal analytics firm. Last year, the number of cases mentioning bitcoin, cryptocurrency or blockchain amounted to just 15 ,but in the first and the second quarters of this year, the figure has risen to 45. If the current trend continues, this means that the increase will likely be more than sixfold by the end of the year.

Could This ICO Model Let Anyone Sell Tokens Legally? Civil Thinks So (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Civil, the blockchain startup looking to disrupt media, will be offering its crypto token to investors of all kinds – both accredited and unaccredited – next week.

As a spoke of ConsenSys, the ethereum startup incubator and business all its own, that decision runs counter to most of the common wisdom about token sales these days.

The much maligned initial coin offering (ICO) has come under intense fire recently for everything from sinking ethereum’s price to scuttling whatever hard won credibility the industry managed to gain before mania built up around tokens.

They Left Public Radio to Try Their Fortunes on the Blockchain (The New York Times), Rated: A

Manoush Zomorodi’s eyes used to glaze over when she heard someone bring up blockchain. Now she talks about it all the time as the host of “ZigZag,” a podcast that will go into its second season next month.

Using Blockchain to Improve Regulatory Analysis and Reform (The Reg Review), Rated: A

Blockchain technology could be used to change the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) from static documentation of regulations into a dynamic source of reliable information on regulatory impact. With a simple search, anyone could determine how long permit approvals take, which firms or industries are most affected, which regulations require the most paperwork, and any data available on the benefits of regulation.

Blockchain Interest Up More Than 20% Among Surveyed Enterprises (Use the Bitcoin), Rated: A

A new research made by fintech analysts from Juniper House, blockchain popularity increased 11 percent in 2018. This is according to a press release published by the company on September 11.

As per the report, 65% of the large enterprises responding to the survey said that they are ‘considering or actively engaged’ in blockchain development. This number is higher than the last year when it registered 54% of interest.

Additionally, just 15 percent of the companies said that they are working with blockchain technology to improve or create new payment systems.


One of the most discussed projects at the nexus of blockchain and journalism is Civil. The project is looking to harness Ethereum in order to help create a sustainable business model for the media world.

Matthew Iles, Civil founder and CEO, wants the platform to become the “new economy” for journalism by replacing ad-based revenue streams with a system that lets journalists own the work they produce.


Gas Ain’t Gold: Why Ether’s Price Could Tank Even If Ethereum Succeeds (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

The virtuous circle that saw buyers of ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens drive ether’s price above $1,400 mid-January has morphed into its diametric opposite.

The initial coin offering boom has fizzled and the price has sunk to just above $200.

This new phase, a vicious cycle downturn that has exposed the ether market’s intrinsic connection to the ICO boom and bust, is of course painful for anyone who bought ether in the last 12 months.

In Money, Bad Trumps Good

In essence, the problem has to do with Gresham’s Law that “bad money drives out good” – the idea being that if you want a currency, or any token used for economic exchange, to function as a fluid enabler of transactions within your community, you don’t want it to be overly attractive as an investment or store of value.

If a currency has that “good” quality – i.e. is durable, fungible, scarce, and can’t be debased by some centralized issuer – it will appeal more as something to hold rather than use.

Crypto Community Is Seeing The Consequences Of Ethereum (ETH) And Ethereum Classic (ETH) Split (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

A few years from now, we will look back on the 9th day of July 2018 and view it as one of the most tragic days in the history of Ethereum. This is a day that comes second to the 2016 splitting of Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. On this fateful day, a decentralized exchange known as Bancor was hacked, and this led to its investors losing more than 23.5 million dollars.

From that day, Ethereum has continued to decline steadily, despite the fact that it had risen to a high of $503 per coin on 17th July. This is an indication that investors have slowly started to lose faith in the smart contracts systems used on the blockchain. It is a fact that raises important questions such as whether the crypto is truly decentralized.

How Ethereum Hackathons are Drastically Improving Blockchain Systems (CCN), Rated: A

ETHGlobal, the biggest Ethereum hackathon organization to date, has played a key role in facilitating the growth of the Ethereum open-source developer community, providing technical workshops, educational talks, and resources to hackers that participate in events to develop applications.

Most recently, ETHBerlin, described by many hackers as the most successful Ethereum hackathon to date, saw the emergence of a wide range of innovative projects like a game of Battleship using SNARKs and a prototype of Sharding coded by well respected Ethereum researcher Vlad Zamfir.

These Six Coins Registered Gains In The Last Year (Use the Bitcoin), Rated: AAA

The most important cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was able to remain in the green zone in the last 365 days. Its price is still 40% higher than what it was just a year ago.

Walton (WTC) is the native currency of the WaltonChain network. Compared to the last year, the virtual currency is operating 200% up.

Source: Use the Bitcoin

Dogecoin grew 210% in the last 365 days, a very positive number.

The cryptocurrency has registered gains of around 220% in the last year. In order to know where this project is headed, it is key to see how it will develop in the future.

Source: Use the Bitcoin

EOS entered the market after a year-long initial coin offering (ICO) and was able to create itself a place in the top 5 ranking by market cap. At the moment, there are several developments taking place in the network, but in the last year, this currency is up 430%.


  1. Bolenum likely probably bound to fail after raising only $18,500 during August 2017. At the same time, the second most fruitful ICO raised even less than that. yet at -99.72%, Bolenum is currently the most sterile project evaluated by Zheng.
  2. MyBit strives hard to outstrip it. Also completed in August 2017, the MyBit ICO sold its tokens for a staggering $2, which now turned into 2 cents, or -98.89%.
  3. Lampix is yet another ICO scheduled for August 2017 — decidedly *not* the best month for doing business, not even crypto. No one knows what exactly happened to the $12 million they raised… but it could be worse. Like Bitclave.
  4. Bitclave raised $25.5 million dollars and is currently down by -97.65%. Or 2% of its original value.


  1. Ethereum, is no surprise. Which, if not Ethereum? Despite the slump, and even calculated with a “current price” of $185, Ethereum still brings returns higher than Spectrecoin and Stratis added together. No less than 59,500%. If you bought one dollar’s worth of Ethereum during its ICO. You would happily pocket $600 today. In otherwords, 3 ETH.
  2. Spectrecoin is probably one of the most surprising cases. It raised the smallest amount of capital ($15,000) while returning 244 times its ICO amount. Don’t panic if you never heard about it — it’s probably because it ranks around #500 on CoinMarketCap. It might be time to do a bit of research time, though.
  3. Stratis did even better than NEO. 1/7 of it’s a cent-worth tokens grew into more than a dollar at $1.363. Had one invested $1 during STRAT’s ICO, one would have $194 at the time of writing.

Market for Initial Coin Offerings on record breaking and maturing path (Consultancy), Rated: AAA

A record breaking opening to 2018 has seen Initial Coin Offerings yield more than their total funds raised since the first ICO in 2013. The market’s continued boom has been boosted by regulation in some key markets, which has helped the fundraising method mature and become more accepted as a mode of business, though fears of criminality in the sector still persist.

Source: Consultancy

ICO unicorns

Overall, in the first 5 months of 2018, a total of 537 ICO’s with an estimated value of $13.7 billion have been closed successfully – which is more than all pre-2018 ICOs combined. According to data gathered by PwC’s strategy consulting wing, Strategy&, in cooperation with Crypto Valley, the US, Singapore and the UK remain the world leaders on the ICO front, in terms of volume. The trio have closed 157 successful ICOs between them already in 2018, with a further 153 planned before the end of the year.

Largest Initial coin offerings

As mentioned, the two unicorns EOS and Telegram dwarf the amounts brought in by the other top ICO campaigns to date. Their nearest equivalent, also hosted in the Virgin Islands, was Dragon. The Dragon Coin is said to act as a frictionless, low-cost & transparent alternative financial mechanism within Casinos, and raised $320 million.

Beyond these three, the top ICOs were dominated by those based beyond the Cayman and British Virgin Islands. Singapore hosted the fourth largest, Huobi Token, which delivered $300 million of investment. Elsewhere, Switzerland hosted six entries in the top 15 campaigns. HDAC (#5) raised $258 million, Tezos (#7) brought in $232 million, Sirin Labs (#8) saw $158 million, Bancor (#9) yielded $153 million, Polkadot (#11) enjoyed a $145 million investment, and The DAO received $143 million from backers.

largest ICOs
Source: Consultancy

Irrational Exuberance Revisited: Is Crypto The New Dot-Com Bubble? (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

If you have ever encountered the word ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘bitcoin,’ there is a solid chance that within the same paragraph or even sentence the word ‘bubble’ could also be found. Bubble has indeed become a shibboleth for crypto sceptics, especially after the market soared at the end of 2017, and the widening gap between valuation and intrinsic value of digital currencies and tokens became ostensible to many.

Business cycles in the time of Bitcoin (CoinGeek), Rated: A

‘Is there a crypto bubble?’ This, and variations thereof, was one of the most common headlines in 2017 and even today. When you hear the words ‘crypto’ and ‘bubble,’ you might not think there’s something fundamentally either-or between them. Yet the only reason an unsustainable bubble could emerge is through the inflation of fiat, which cryptocurrencies may eventually supplant.

Here’s 5 Blockchain Facts All Investors Should Hear (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

1) Blockchain’s Market Size Is Growing

2) Last Year Has Seen More Than 300 Million Transactions

3) Blockchain And IoT

Understanding blockchain technology in depth may open up some new opportunities, and add numerous new use cases.

4) Blockchain Can Revolutionize Entire Industries

5) Blockchain Insists On Transparency

3 Cryptocurrencies That Have Potential To Beat Bitcoin This Week: Vibe, LSK And ETH (The Oofy), Rated: A

Every week, there are many great opportunities that can make great benefits in most financial markets. Bitcoin has decreased since the beginning of the year but this isn’t realized by most investors. On the other hand, there are fluctuations on Bitcoin as well as on altcoins and fluctuations on altcoins are considerably bigger. Three of these altcoins are taking attention this week: VIBE, LSK, and ETH.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – No Binance for Doge, but it doesn’t matter (CryptoGlobalist), Rated: A

Yesterday, a member of the Dogecoin reddit community brought up a conversation about the possibility of DOGE getting listed on Binance.  However, from the response of one of the core team of Dogecoin (DOGE), it is not about to happen.  His argument was that, other than the heavy fees that Binance charges, they also require the lead developers to sign paperwork that binds them in ways that the team does not find acceptable.

Top 6 51% Attacks Affecting Cryptocurrencies in 2018 (NullTX), Rated: B

The 51% attack spree of 2018 kicked off with a successful attack against Electroneum in April of 2018.

The popular cryptocurrency in Japan also fell victim to a 51% attack on May 13th of this year. The currency used the Lyra2REv2 algorithm during the time of the attack, which is rarely exploited for a 51% attempt. Criminals were successful in this regard, resulting in roughly $90,0000 worth of “damage”.

May was a very busy month for 51% attacks against small-cap cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Gold noted not one, but two successful 51% attacks in very quick succession.

Three days after the second Bitcoin Gold 51% attack, Verge fell victim to a very similar incident.

The month of May came to close on the 31st, which is also the day when Litecoin Cash suffered from its very own 51% attack.

The final 51% attack of 201 – at least so far – comes in the form of ZenCash’s attack on June 3rd.

Top 5 Blockchain Games not Using Ethereum (NullTX), Rated: B

5. KittyCash (SkyCoin)

Upon launch, players will, similarly to original kitty game, collect and trade virtual cats. However, KittyCash also plans to offers leveling and care systems for each player to interact with and nurture their virtual pet, kind of like Tamagotchi on the blockchain.

4. Rare Pepe Party (Bitcoin)

When the game is released, players build decks out of cards minted with PEPECASH via the Counterparty (XCP) protocol upon the Bitcoin blockchain, where they can compete against one another or in a single player story mode in a Hearthstone-like card game.

3. Huntercoin

In Huntercoin, players organize into teams and compete across the terrain to collect coins (HUC) as they continuously generate with each block.

2. Steem Monsters (Steem)

It is a collectible card game with mechanics that seem to draw inspiration from Magic: the Gathering.

1. Treat Fighter (XAYA)

Treat Fighter is a collectible strategy game, where players craft (or bake, if you will) candy armies to complete expeditions and compete in tournaments against other players.

10 Globally Known Celebrities Who Supports Cryptocurrency (CryptoVibes), Rated: B

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher has already made his mark as an unbeatable actor in Hollywood but besides his acting, he is also known for his keen interests in the big tech world.


The renowned Rapper Nas is next on the list. He is extremely fond of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Lionel Messi

One of the greatest football players, Lionel Messi is also one of the greatest crypto enthusiasts. He is the brand ambassador of Sirin Labs which is developing a crypto-enabled smartphone that has been marked as the “first cyber-protected blockchain enabled smartphone” by the company.

Mike Tyson

Boxer Mike Tyson is another celeb who has been found involving a lot in the cryptocurrency mainstream. As per the records, he has deployed a number of crypto ATM machines in Las Vegas in the year 2015.

Gwyneth Paltrow

A famous actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow also holds an engrossing relishment in the cryptocurrency. She has teamed up with a startup called “Abra” which actually is a crypto wallet app.

50 Cent

A renowned rapper 50 Cent has been a huge fan of cryptocurrencies for a long time. He made an incredible history in the year 2014 when he allowed his fans to buy his famous album “Animal Ambition” by using bitcoins.

Martina Hingis

A legendary Tennis player, Martina Hingis who obviously is known to hold the winning titles of Australia Open, US Open, and Wimbledon, also holds some shining crowns in the cryptocurrency area.

European Union

Tezos Surges 50% in a Week Ahead of Scheduled Mainnet Launch on Monday (CCN), Rated: AAA

Tezos, the eighth largest initial coin offering (ICO) in history, is launching its mainnet on Monday. Ahead of its mainnet launch, the price of XTZ, the native token of the Tezos network, surged by more than 50 percent.

Since September 9, XTZ has increased by over 52 percent from $1.15 to $1.75, prior to its highly anticipated mainnet launch. Investors in the cryptocurrency market have been especially enthusiastic about the progress that has been made on the development of Tezos over the past few months, after a year-long dispute amongst its founders that stalled the launch of the blockchain network.

Ethereum Consolidates Newly-Won Growth as Wider Crypto Market Falters (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Friday, September 14: After yesterday’s bullish upswing, crypto markets have today been hit with widely-dispersed corrections. Ethereum (ETH) is today’s most resilient large-market-cap altcoin, seeing the most notable growth on the day among the top twenty cryptoassets, as data from Coin360 shows.

After soaring 18 percent on the day yesterday, September 13 – and peaking as high as $223 during early trading hours today – Ethereum has seen a tempering downwards, before regaining some losses in the hours before press time.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Popular Ethereum-based DApp Flagged As Fraudulent Crypto Ponzi Scheme (CryptoGlobe), Rated: A

333 ETH, a widely-used decentralized application (DApp) developed on the Ethereumblockchain, has been flagged as a typical Ponzi scheme type scam. StateOfTheDAppshas warned the so-called “ETH distribution project” is promising its investors a return of “3.33% per day” as long as other people keep investing in the project.

The State of Ethereum (CCN), Rated: A

I tend to see market cycles as mini-bubbles, constantly growing and then exploding, which gives me enough confidence to understand the reality of things is rather generous: if you do follow the above rules, independently of the moment in time you have invested in, there’s a high chance you can still profit from your bags. Just hang on to them a little longer. Some expert crypto-traders agree there could be a rally during October, which could potentially last until the end of the year. Will this be the case? Prices’ history does not repeat itself, but we can surely learn valuable lessons from it.

Ernst & Young (EY) Selects Ledger Wallet With Startup Of The Year Award (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: A

The hardware wallet producer Ledger, a crypto firm based in France, has been granted the Startup of the year Award by the international accountancy firm Ernst and Young for the region located in Ile-de-France. According to a report released by The Next Web, EY operates a yearly competition in the commercial world known as Le Prix de l’Entrepreneur de l’Annee.

Bank Will Not Pursue The Issuance of a Digital Currency (Bitrates), Rated: A

The European Central Bank (ECB) is not considering the creation of a digital version of the Euro at this time, according to the institution’s President, Mario Draghi. Draghi believes blockchain technology “requires substantial further development” before it can be considered for future applications by the ECB.

EVM 2.0: Inside the Race to Replace the Heart of Ethereum (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Stored across tens of thousands of nodes that make up the platform, the ethereum virtual machine, or EVM, is responsible for executing the countless tokens, dapps, DAOs and digital kittens of which the blockchain is comprised of.

It’s an engine on top of which the entirety of ethereum operates, and it speaks in a language named “EVM bytecode” — raw, 256-bit strings of information that can deliver any conceivable equation (providing it falls within the platform’s self-imposed limit, gas).

Coin Stats App Now Syncs Transactions From Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin (CryptoGlobe), Rated: A

Coin Stats, a cryptocurrency research and portfolio management service, has released a new update for both Android (Google Play Store) and iOS (Apple Store) versions of its app. The main changes include syncing all transaction logs, or history, from crypto exchange Binance, Bittrex, and KuCoin.

Coin Stats
Source: CryptoGlobe

Creating Oracle On Komodo Now Possible! (Token Tops), Rated: B

One of the Komodo’s lead developers has developed a way to create Oracle on the platform. The enables users to turn off-chain data into on-chain through the permission granted by authorized routes. According to a blog post by the team, this does not require a smart contract to accomplish. The procedure is accomplished using publickeys that are acceptable by the platform.

United Kingdom

Bitcoin under pressure as collapsed cryptoexchange unwinds $ 1bn of digital currency (The Telegraph), Rated: AAA

Bitcoin investors could face a fresh round of intense selling pressure as a collapsed Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is forced to payout $1bn worth of digital coins, experts have warned.

The digital currency, which has already plunged in value from $17,035 in January $6449 yesterday, is set to slide further in the coming weeks as Mt.Gox, a bankrupt Bitcoinexchange, pays out thousands of coins to creditors.

Kim Nilsson, who has led a four-year campaign to reclaim his stake in the defunct exchange, told the Sunday Telegraph the flood of payouts threatens to “completely crash the market” in Bitcoin.

Money-laundering hack and Japanese law could threaten a wipeout of Bitcoin (The Telegraph), Rated: A

The court started the process of civil rehabilitation for creditors against ­­Mt Gox, a former cryptocurrency exchange based in Shibuya, Tokyo, which was once responsible for facilitating more than 70pc of the world’s Bitcoin transactions.

The World’s First Comprehensive Blockchain Powered Real Estate Platform (Globe Newswire), Rated: A

Block Estates has announced recently that it is creating the world’s first comprehensive blockchain powered real estate platform which will enable a diverse range of transactional capabilities by utilising crypto and fiat currencies combined with secure blockchain technology and smart contracts. Rob Tomkins, Cofounder and Co-Chief Operating Officer stated, all of this can be done whilst maintaining the best safeguards available.


Hacker Hoodwinks House, Uses EOS Smart Contract Exploit to Steal More Than $ 240k from EOSBet Dice (Live Bitcoin News), Rated: AAA

Just days after mocking EOS-based gambling platform DEOSGames for being hacked, EOSBet Casino’s dice gaming dApp – EOSBet Dice – was itself hacked. By exploiting vulnerabilities in the platform’s smart contracts, the hacker was able to siphon off roughly 44,400 EOS – worth more than $240,000 at current market prices.

On September 14, at approximately 3:00 am UTC, a hacker going by the pseudonym aabbccddeefg exploited a vulnerability in EOSBet Dice’s smart contracts and managed to steal a reported 44,427.4302 EOS from EOSBet’s operating wallet. At current market prices, the theft is valued at over $240,000.

China’s Central Bank Supporting The Creation Of A New Trading Platform (Ethereum World News), Rated: A

Even that countries around the world are giving a hard time to crypto-traders, investors and coins in general, there are many that do support the technology behind them. One of them is China which is signing various blockchain-related patents being on constant support for growing the tech.

The platform backed by PBoC or People’s Bank of China named Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area Trade Fi-nance Blockchain Platform is going to hurdle with various financial and transaction-related issues that micro to medium firms deal with.

The 21-day bitcoin challenge (TechCrunch), Rated: A

There is a documentary series currently airing on iQiyi, China’s Netflix equivalent, about a Chinese bitcoin enthusiast who attempts to survive 21 days by merely living on 0.21 bitcoin, or $1,300, without any help or donations.

He You Bing is traveling and carrying nothing with her, and she has to retrieve food, housing, and basic necessities all through bitcoin transactions done on her phone. Interestingly, she is also doing this challenge in some of China’s largest cities including Beijing and Shenzhen.


Self-Managed Super Funds Pushing up Australian Cryptocurrency Activities (cryptovest), Rated: AAA

While the cryptocurrency space is having another rough month, with Bitcoin pushing below $6,000 and the second largest digital currency, Ethereum falling below $200, digital asset activities are ramping up in Australia.

report by Business Insider showed digital currency trading volume had reached $1.5 billion in the first half of 2018, thanks to the cryptocurrency craze amongst Australian self-managed super funds (SMSFs) which have started to allocate in the space.

Newcastle United and Cardiff City consider using cryptocurrencies to fund relegation fight (News.co.au), Rated: A

CASH-STRAPPED relegation rivals Cardiff and Newcastle may have found a brilliant way to boost their bank balances – make their own money.

The Premier League duo, who played out a 0-0 draw last month, could launch cryptocurrencies to raise funds.

According to The Times, both clubs are speaking to micro-financing and crowdfunding company SportyCo about an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The minnows are hoping to raise A$27.5 million with their token sales, which fans will be able to trade for tickets and merchandise.


2 Days Until Binance Opens A Fiat-Crypto Exchange In Singapore (Ethereum World News), Rated: AAA

The Binance exchange continues on its quest to expand by opening crypto exchanges around the globe. The exchange has set in motion plans to open up shop in the countries of Uganda, Malta, Liechtenstein and now Singapore. In the case of Singapore, Binance plans on opening a fiat-crypto exchange on the 18th of September – which is 2 days away. However, the initial beta testing, will be closed and by invitation only.

India’s Biggest Startup Incubator CEO [Falsely] Says Bitcoin Failed Due to $ 20 Fees (CCN), Rated: AAA

According to Jay Krishnan, the CEO of T-Hub, India’s largest startup incubator & venture advisor to SRI Capital, Bitcoin has failed due to $20 transaction fees. Except that since December, for over nine months, the median transaction fee of Bitcoin has remained below $0.2.

“The fallacy of Bitcoin as a currency is its transaction fee which is typically above $20. The transaction fee is paid to ensure convenience and security in the exchange. This is not only higher than the transaction fee paid for regulated currency but is also an indication of the security risk it holds,” he said.

Source: CCN

Ripple makes waves with Japanese money transfer app (The Next Web), Rated: AAA

SBI Holdings is not quite done with its foray into blockchain. The Japanese financial giant has announced plans to launch a mobile payment app for iOS and Android that will use Ripple’s distributed ledger tech.

From Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan: How Cryptocurrencies Are Regulated in Central Asia (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Kazakhstan crypto


Kyrgyzstan explicitly banned cryptocurrencies back in July 2014, when the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic issued a statement warning that the use of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as a form of payment is illegal under the national law:

Kyrgyzstan crypto



Korean Mobile Carrier LGU+ Launches Blockchain-Based Overseas Payment System (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

South Korea’s LG UPlus, a mobile carrier owned by the country’s fourth largest conglomerate LG Corp., is launching a blockchain-based cross-carrier overseas payment service, Korea Times reportstoday, September 16.

Last Thursday, September 13, LG UPlus had signed an MoU to develop the new service alongside three global partners: Taiwan-based Far EasTone Telecommunications, Japan’s SoftBank, and U.S.-based TBCASoft. Through the new service, users of one telecoms carrier will be able to frictionlessly complete transactions on the payment networks of another.

Filipinos to experience first digital currency (Open Gov Asia), Rated: B

A banking corporation in the Philippines, with the support of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), has taken the lead in bringing digital financial services closer to more Filipinos with the ePiso.

According to a recent report, the ePiso is the country’s first digital currency that is stored in a mobile wallet app, enabling everyone to enjoy daily cashless transactions.


Alternative Crypto Bills Presented in Ukraine and Russia (Bitcoin), Rated: AAA

A bill that leaves crypto-to-crypto trade outside of the scope of government regulation has been filed in the Ukrainian parliament. The draft has been signed by 23 members of the Verkhovna Rada and is prepared in cooperation with representatives of the industry. News about the filling was announced during a crypto conference in Kiev by Ukrainian Member of Parliament Alexei Mushak.


Ripple Signs Partnership With Saudi National Commercial Bank (Use the Bitcoin), Rated: AAA

The NBC is one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. At the moment, the bank offers services to over 5.4 million customers around the world. Additionally, the financial institution has 400 branches distributed in the country.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been one of the most important remittance markets in the region. According to data from the World Bank, $308 million dollars were sent into the country and $37 billion dollars from remittances were sent from Saudi Arabia in 2016.

Latin America

Airfox Partners with Brazilian Retail Giant on Mobile Blockchain Financial Services (PR Newswire), Rated: AAA

Airfox today announced an exclusive partnership with Brazilian retail giant Via Varejo to extend its mobile financial services to 60 million Brazilian consumers across Via Varejo’s retail locations and e-commerce websites. Nearly 1,000 of Via Varejo’s Casa Bahia stores will support the Airfox digital banking platform, providing millions of underserved Brazilian families access to Airfox’s affordable financial solutions.

Brazilian Football Club Avaí to Launch Cryptocurrency, $ 20 Million ICO (CCN), Rated: A

Just days after French soccer giant Paris Saint-Germain football club (PSG) announced its own cryptocurrency, complete with an initial coin offering (ICO), Brazil’s Avaí Football Club has come up with a similar plan.

Announced Wednesday, Avaí FC has partnered with blockchain-based sports investment ecosystem SportyCo and football investment platform Blackbridge Sports to raise funds worldwide through the ICO, aiming to raise $20 million in the sale.


Cryptos Are Struggling In Africa Because The Continent’s Internet Is Mediocre (Ethereum World News), Rated: AAA

To start with, a report released by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) indicates that governments will have to spend upwards of a collective $450 billion if they’re to connect the next phase of 1.5 billion people to the internet, and most of these people live in Africa. At the moment, Africa’s population stands at about 1.2 billion people.

Zimbabwe Moves Towards Bitcoin Amid Financial Problems (Use the Bitcoin), Rated: A

This African country, known for having one of the highest inflation in history, is moving towards Bitcoin. According to some reports, there are some individuals that are already using BTC for daily transactions.

This is the case of Josh from Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe. He explains that he pays his rent using Bitcoin because his landlord is open-minded about cryptos. The unemployed psychology graduate is 23 years old and mines Bitcoin. He paid 0.02281 BTC, or over $120 dollars at that time.

Bringing online connectivity via cryptocurrency to Ugandans (ESI Africa), Rated: A

A connectivity company developing a decentralised mobile mesh network, RightMesh, has listed its RMESH tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, Golix, in Uganda.


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