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Training Blockchain Developers for Their Careers

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Knowledge of coding and proficiency in programming languages is increasingly becoming the key to success in the modern digitized world. Also, huge demand from startups and corporations alike has outstripped the supply of professional coders. It is not only the technology sector which has driven the demand for coders, but numerous businesses like banks, hospitals, and online websites that rely on computer coding for most of their operations and processing.

It is not always possible for students to go through four years of university to learn computer science like Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It is coding boot camps which are making it possible for students, and even professionals, to gain advanced coding skills through organizing affordable (both in terms of cost and time) coding courses. Wyncode is a technical coding school based in Miami and was launched in May 2014 to capture this growing market.

Wyncode Programs and Reputation

The company teaches web development and programming languages like Java, Ruby, Rails, HTML, etc. It also has courses on digital marketing and UX UI design.

Juha and Johanna Mikkola launched the company in 2014. Its campus is in Wynwood, Miami, and the course is structured as a face-to-face classroom. According to its website, it is South Florida’s first stand-alone code school campus. The core course is a 10-week boot camp which helps graduates start a new career in web development.

Wyncode charges $11,500 for the course and has a team of over 30 professionals on board. It has graduated over 500 from its boot camp programs and has a 91% job placement rate. Its key differentiator is its team that is comprised of award-winning educators and Harvard graduates. It has been able to drive value for its students by partnering with Florida companies looking for programming talent. Its top hiring partner has hired 20 students from the course.

Blockchain Training

Wyncode graduates are in hot demand for blockchain development. The school’s aim is to give its students the fundamentals to go down any programming career path. The academy is working with multiple crypto companies who are looking for blockchain developers. Even candidates are asking for specialization in blockchain. There is currently a limited supply of blockchain talent despite the astronomical salaries for blockchain-focused developers.

Wyncode’s focus on core coding languages helps students learn the basics and make the jump to the blockchain world.

Though there are other schools which have popped up focusing only on blockchain development, Wyncode will keep its focus on a fundamental skill set so that students can acquire the ability to learn any language. Juha is not averse to starting new specialized courses if the demand for blockchain grows, but he still wants to help students become complete developers with a strong coding base. He will also look to partner with companies to tailor courses for their teams.

Wyncode Success Stories

It was a proud moment for Wyncode when Sam Abbassi, one of its graduates, participated in eMERGE Americas, a premier technology event connecting Latin America, North America, and Europe. He talked about Bitcoin as an emerging technology and expressed his views on various ICOs and projects presented at the event. He started out learning core languages like Java but soon graduated to learning Solidity (the language for developing ETH smart contracts). His coding abilities enabled him to build a profitable company called “BUSHIDO LAB“ in a matter of months, also based in Miami.

Abbassi is currently working as a software engineer and business partner at Bushido Lab and has hired more than seven people from Wyncode to support the expansion of his business. Bushido focuses on custom web and blockchain development for its clients. Another graduate from Wyncode has launched his own cryptocurrency startup.


Wyncode is on a strong footing with a 5-Star rating on Facebook and a 4.6-star rating on CourseReport. The median salary of its graduates is reported to be over $50,000. That’s not a bad return on investment for an $11,500 course.

The company has also announced $1.4 million in scholarships available to promote female involvement in technology. The company is on its way to becoming the partner of choice for both students and companies in Florida looking to make a mark in the blockchain development world.


Written by Heena Dhir.

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