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United States

Bitcoin Price Clings to $ 8K as 37,000 BTC Options Set to Expire Today (Coin Telegraph), Rated: AAA

Bitcoin price (BTC) stayed bounced back above $8,000 on Sept. 27, the day when over 50% of open interest in Bitcoin options is set to expire.

Data from Coin360 showed BTC/USD fluctuating around the $8,000 mark over the past 24 hours, having briefly fallen to new recent lows of $7,733.

The lackluster performance continued a week of misery for Bitcoin traders, who saw the largest cryptocurrency shed a total of 21% since the previous weekend.

Bitcoin 7-day chart
Source: Coin360

Bitcoin treads water around $ 8,000 after its worst week of the year (MarketWatch), Rated: A

The cryptocurrency has fallen about 34% over the past three months. In June, bitcoin topped the $10,000 mark for the first time since early 2018.

Bitcoin Price (BTC) Staging Another Dip Before It Could Recover (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

If the price fails to recover above the $8,000 and $8,100 resistance levels, it could continue to decline. An immediate support is near the $7,600 level, below which the price is likely to test the main weekly bearish target of $7,500. Moreover, if there are more downsides, the price may perhaps test the $7,200 support area.

Therefore, there is a risk of more downsides towards $7,500 and $7,200.

Source: NewsBTC

Litecoin (LTC) Records 15% Drop in the Last 30 Days (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: AAA

It has been a good year for the Litecoin holders. LTC had given considerable returns, especially when it had started trading above $100. The pace has slowed down a bit in the last few months, but once it crosses the $90 mark, Litecoin may start trading upwards soon. The current market performance indicates the commencement of progressive trends soon.

Source: CryptoNewsZ

Litecoin Price has Dropped by 14% in a Week’s Time (CoinNewsSpan), Rated: A

As on August 31, 2019, at 04:16:52 UTC, Litecoin price is noted to be $64.29, and it has recorded a downtrend of over 14% in the last one-week dipping from $75.15 to its current value. LTC coin was sailing fine till August 28 when its price was noted at $72.41 but soon after it had a steep fall and went as low as $62.27 yesterday. LTC has gained some strength since then but may take some time to cross $75 again.

Source: CoinNewsSpan

Bitcoin & Litecoin wallets less secure on iPhone X and older (Blockmanity), Rated: A

Litecoin developer, Loshan, took to Twitter to warn the cryptocurrency community that Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets are unsafe on iPhones older than iPhone X (including iPhone X). The warning comes in the wake of a new exploit being discovered which can jailbreak millions of iPhones.

Ripple to Develop XRP-Based DeFi Products (SludgeFeed), Rated: A

Ripple’s investment arm, Xpring, recently completed the acquisition of Logos, a startup developing a turnkey payment solution focused on speed and scalability, for an undisclosed amount.

According to the announcement, the acquisition fits into Ripple’s larger goal of building a decentralized financial (DeFi) system that leverages XRP at its core.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse hits out at Libra’s ‘arrogance’ (Yahoo! Finance), Rated: A

According to Ripple’s senior vice president of customer success Marcus Treacher, Libra is being launched in an environment that he describes as a “walled garden”.

Coinbase vs Binance: Who will be the king of US crypto exchanges? (Cryptopolitan), Rated: A

Coinbase has announced that it may launch an initial exchange offering (IEO) similar to Binance’s Launchpad program. The news follows the downhill movement of Binance’s influence in the US which eventually lead to it ending services in the United States. Although Binance has launched a US platform the exchange still seems to be losing its grip over the region.

US Based Binance Users – You’re About To Get Banned! What You Need To Know To Plan Your Move… (Global Crypto Express), Rated: A

With the official launch of Binance USA, you can be sure the day is coming where you will try to login to Binance just to be told you’re no longer allowed to access the site.

How cryptocurrency affects internet access and healthcare in rural areas (Bankless Times), Rated: AAA

While internet access and digital services are steadily improving our quality of living, such advancements are inaccessible to millions of people in the United States. Today, 11% of the American population lives without access to the internet. While it is easy to assume most of these individuals are older, much of the technology gap has more to do with where people are located, as people living in rural areas are often left without internet access. Through cryptocurrency, however, this problem may be addressed.

In New Jersey, You Can Buy Drinks with Crypto (Altcoin Buzz), Rated: A

In New Jersey, it’s possible to get hamm…pardon, drink responsibly and pay with crypto for it. This is according to a short video on Twitter by Litecoin Merchant Ambassador Jon Moore. In the tweet, Moore disclosed that Bitcoin and Litecoin have been confirmed for payments.

NBA prevents player’s plan to tokenize $ 34 million contract on Ethereum (Decrypt), Rated: A

The NBA told Spencer Dinwiddie that he couldn’t tokenize shares in his three-year, $34.4 million NBA contract, on Friday, according to the New York Times. This puts a halt to his plans to put his contract on the blockchain, allowing other people to own parts of it—and profit from it too.

FIN Advises US Congress To Govern Cryptocurrencies Under Bank Secrecy Act (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

The strategic advisory firm, Financial Integrity Network or FIN, has released an advisory recommendation for U.S. Congress concerning the regulatory measures of the cryptocurrency sector.

In a testimony before the crucial hearing, FIN announced that it purports to establish a new financial institution under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) which will focus on the governance of Virtual Asset Providers or VASPs. FIN proposes in the testimony to maintain control over the VASPs based on the services they offer to the clients.

Senators formally introduce bipartisan AML reform bill (American Banker), Rated: B

A bipartisan group of eight senators on Thursday formally introduced a bill to reform anti-money laundering laws that bankers and credit unions have argued are outdated.

The bill, which was initially floated as draft legislation in June, would require companies to disclose their true owners at the time of incorporation. The bill was initially supported by Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., Doug Jones, D-Ala., Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and Mike Rounds, R-S.D., and now has four additional co-sponsors: Sens. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., John Kennedy, R-La., and Jerry Moran, R-Kan.


The (alleged) plot against Ethereum (Decrypt), Rated: AAA

Ethereum developers and miners are embroiled in a bitter feud involving accusations of deceit, forgery and harassment. At the heart of the dispute is an allegation that NVIDIA, a major maker of specialized processing chips, is trying to undermine the world’s second-largest blockchain platform.

Critics say that NVIDIA has surreptitiously influenced the development of “ProgPoW,” a proposed upgrade to the Ethereum network that would increase demand for cheap “GPU” mining hardware over specialized “ASICS.”

How Crypto Gambling Is Regulated Around the World (Coin Telegraph), Rated: AAA

The Japanese House of Representatives recently passed new crypto asset regulation affecting exchanges and custodians — the Payment Services Act and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. However, the country’s crypto gambling industry still endures strict gambling regulations.

Japan is perhaps the most notable example, where the gambling industry exceeds that of Nevada by over $4 billion and is estimated to be $15.8 billion.

blockchain gambling
Source: Coin Telegraph

Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, LTC, And XLM Sell-off — Is It Overdone? (Forbes), Rated: AAA

Last week was a horrible week for cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin, ETH, XRP, LTC registered double digit losses, with ETH and LTC losing more than 20% of their value–see Table 1.

The losses spread across the entire market, with only 11 out of the top 100 cryptocurrencies advancing and 89 declining—see Table 2.

Source: Forbes

Ripple buys Icelandic crypto trading exchange to support RippleNet (Decrypt), Rated: A

Ripple has acquired Icelandic crypto trading firm Algrim to help it provide a better service to customers of its RippleNet product suite. Ripple is a cryptocurrency-focused company aimed at the cross-border payments industry.

‘Binance Will Be Shut Down in 12 Months’ Warns Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre (CCN), Rated: A

According to Ayre, the hammer is set to fall on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Just 12 months remain, according to the CoinGeek owner, before Binance will be shut down by one authority or another.

“CZ’s entire business model is based on a speculative casino of tokens that have zero value. They manipulate the token prices to harvest all the traders who are sold messages to do the opposite of what the house needs for its scams.”

Facebook’s digital dollar or China’s webminbi? (technode), Rated: A

With Facebook announcing Libra, some central banks have felt the pressure to start exploring the possibility of having a sovereign digital fiat. China especially has felt the need to ramp up its research and development of what it calls DC/EP (Digital currency/electronic payments). China started developing digital currency pretty early on; it’s been in the works for at least five years.

Ant Financial and Bayer to Jointly Develop Blockchain for Agriculture (CoinDesk), Rated: A

Bayer Crop Science has agreed to work with Ant Financial, the payments affiliate of Alibaba, to develop a blockchain-based system for agricultural product monitoring.

The companies signed a letter of intent to utilize blockchain technology to increase efficiency, improve the income of farmers, ensure the production of high-quality food and aid in the digitization of agriculture, according to a Sept. 25 announcement.

Argo Blockchain PLC Ceases Its Proposed Partnership with Hive Blockchain Technologies (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

Argo Blockchain PLC has come to a decision to stall its discussion with Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd., a Canadian blockchain infrastructure group, over a proposed partnership. Argo has said that it had implemented a 16 million US Dollar investment program since it had signed heads of terms for its collaboration with Hive. This investment was primarily meant to augment the mining capacity of the crypto miner, and the plan was apparently more favorable towards the interests of the shareholders than the proposed partnership.

The 5 Most Important Blockchain Programming Languages You Must Learn Before 2020 (Techpedia), Rated: A

C++ – The King of the Hill

The granddad of every programming language out there, C++ is, still today, the king of the hill. Since it’s an object- rather than a process-oriented extension of the C language, C++ interacts perfectly with blockchain’s inherent structure.

Java & JavaScript

Used by countless applications and games today, Java and JavaScripts are those brick-and-mortar languages that nearly all software developers must learn no matter what they do. Even in the world of blockchain, learning how to code in Java and JavaScript are core skills.

Erlang and the Permaweb

Somewhat of an underdog among the other mainstream programming languages used for blockchain, Erlang shines as a less-known gem for the amazingly unique applications developed with it.

In fact, today, 90% of Internet traffic is routed through Erlang-running nodes.

Solidity and Ethereum

Solidity was designed and developed by the creators of Ethereum, so it’s a language built to deploy smart contracts and make Decentralized Applications (DAPPs). Given the importance of Ethereum, I think there’s no need to explain the importance of learning this language.

Golang and the HyperLedger Fabrics

Golang (also known as Go) is a programming language that was developed by Google employees in 2007 to mix the simplicity in syntax and semantics of Python with the efficiency of C++.

RSK Acquiring Taringa Highlights Bitcoin’s Smart Contract Potential (Cryptomode), Rated: A

Most Bitcoin users should be familiar with the company known as RSK. Their objective is to bring open source decentralized smart contract functionality to the Bitcoin network. It has proven to be a somewhat successful venture to date, albeit there is still plenty of work ahead. RSK is also a subsidiary of IOVLabs, a company which issued its own RIF token about a year ago. The RIF sale was one of the most successful ones as the company raised nearly $150m in funding. Its market cap has now plunged to just over one-third of that amount, however.

It would appear the acquisition of Taringa will serve a dual purpose.

IOTA Partners with Jaguar Land Rover for Tracing the car energy with Distributed Ledger Technology (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: B

Recently, IOTA has reported its collaboration with Automobile manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover and French energy research and development center, Engie Lab Crigen for a PoC (proof-of-concept) which demonstrates tracing the car energy with DLT (Distributed ledger technology). Their objective is to show people both the source and utilization of a Jaguar I-Pace’s energy through the Trondheim Powerhouse.

European Union

Binance Delists Trading Pairs, Some Include Tokens From Its Launchpad (Coin Telegraph), Rated: AAA

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced on Sept. 30 that it is removing a batch of thirty trading pairs from its listings.

Curiously, six of those trading pairs involve tokens launched on Binance Launchpad Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform, namely BitTorrent (BTT), Elrond (ERD), Harmony (ONE) and WINk (WIN).

The full list is as follows:


Analysts Expect Further Upside for Ethereum; Set Near-Term Target at $ 230 (NewsBTC), Rated: AAA

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading down over 3% at its current price of $167, which marks a slight retrace from its recent highs of nearly $176 that were set yesterday.

Source: @CryptoGainz1 on Twitter

Ethereum founders change narrative on ETH to attract investors, highlights Jimmy Song (AMBCrypto), Rated: A

The second-largest coin with a market cap of $18.60 billion, Ethereum is gearing up for several developments. Ethereum’s Istanbul upgrade, is scheduled to go live in the next few months which a network-wide upgrade. Ethereum 2.0 aka Serenity is another anticipated upgrade of the Ethereum network.

Song detailed how the proponents of Ethereum, keep changing their narrative every couple of months. From smart contracts to proof-of-stake, to ICOs and now its money again which would eventually change in the future, he added.

Ethereum Foundation deemed Shariah Compliant By Amanie Advisors (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: B

The Islamic finance and Shariah advisory firm Amanie Advisors announced in their blog post that they have joined hands with the Ethereum Foundation to establish the platform’s compliance with Islamic religious law (Shariah).

Binance launches Market Makers Programme (Blockmanity), Rated: A

To bring more liquidity in their platform, the world’s largest exchange, Binance, is introducing a new market makers program. The new program aimed at high volume traders with a 30-day trading volume of 1000 BTC or more.

EU Inches Toward Blockchain in Fight Against VAT Fraud (Bloomberg Law), Rated: A

European governments are under pressure to crack down on VAT evasion after a string of fraud scandals highlighted the vulnerability of the crucial revenue source. VAT is vulnerable to fraud because it relies on self-reporting and a disjointed system of rules and enforcement among European Union member countries.

Blockchain could solve many of the system’s weaknesses by creating a registry of digital invoices that would allow tax authorities across Europe to see and verify the taxes paid when a product changes hands, according to Richard Ainsworth, head of the tax program at Boston University School of Law.

Cryptocurrency companies in the Netherlands to come under regulation (Cryptopolitan), Rated: A

Cryptocurrency companies in the Netherlands are slated to be administered and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank from Jan 2020.

UTRUST Integrates Dash, Launching Cryptocurrency Payments for New Partner Whow Games (UTRUST), Rated: B

UTRUST,  the cryptocurrency payment solution offering instant transactions, buyer protection, and crypto-to-cash settlements, announces the integration of DASH, a top digital currency for payments and e-commerce,  into the platform.

Whow Games is the first UTRUST merchant to launch Dash for purchases and cryptocurrency payments, now available to their 9 million registered users. An online social gaming platform, with a portfolio of 12 notable games including Jackpot.de and merkur24.com, Whow Games offers players the opportunity to play online for free with “virtual chips” that are collected and won.


ARYZE announced today at LendIt Fintech Europe, the region’s leading event connecting lending and banking, that it has been selected as one of the most promising early-stage fintech innovators in Europe by the Fintech50, and that it is conducting a Security Token Offering raising $29 million USD.

United Kingdom

Binance Aids UK Authorities in Identifying a Darknet Criminal (NullTX), Rated: A

In the case of Binance, the company recently aided UK authorities in apprehending a Bulgarian criminal This individual is suspected of dealing with phishing scripts which targeted customers of dozens of services.

China/Hong Kong

A beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and blockchain, and how you can profit from them (SCMP), Rated: AAA

The 411: cryptocurrencies are a kind of digital money. So often, investing and finance is seen as being the realm of experienced Wall Street veterans. But when it comes to this newer form of finance, younger people are leading the charge.

We spoke to 17-year-old former cryptocurrency investor Patrick Cho, and Maxine Ryan, the co-founder of money transfer platform Bitspark, to find out why young people are so hooked on the idea of digital currencies.

NeoRay smart contract debugger undergoes UX overhaul in version 2.0 (NEW News Today), Rated: B

NewEconoLabs, a China-based development group, has released NeoRay 2.0, a web-based smart contract debugger for the NEO blockchain.


The imminent death of the EOS cryptocurrency in one chart (Finder), Rated: AAA

EOS’s human-powered blockchain model encountered a lot of scepticism even before it launched as well as predictions that it would be a flop.

But EOS founders Block.one proved the naysayers wrong by raising US$4.1 billion during an uncapped, year-long and, frankly, pretty gross ICO – although it could have been considerably less if you account for potential wash trading during the EOS ICO.

Source: Finder

Asian Institutions Are Finally Warming to Crypto Hedge Funds (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

  • Asian institutional investors, mostly high-net-worth individuals and family offices, are increasingly showing interest in digital assets, with some having allocated part of their portfolios to crypto hedge funds.
  • The gloomy macroeconomic outlook and the news of Facebook’s Libra and China’s central bank digital currency have fueled this interest, market participants say.
  • Crypto hedge funds in the region face hurdles to getting off the ground, including licensing, banking, custody and insurance.

North Korea Wants Its Own National Crypto, CBDC Fever Spreads in Asia (Coin Telegraph), Rated: AAA

It seems that a movement to create a national cryptocurrency is gaining momentum in Asia. Following China, the North Korean authorities announced their readiness to issue digital money and even indicated the availability of all required resources — both technical and human — to implement this task.

Being a country with a fairly low GDP ($28 billion compared to South Korea’s $1.54 trillion), North Korea has long been looking for and applying various ways to raise foreign capital. And cryptocurrencies are no exception.

How North Korea Uses Cryptocurrencies to Get Around U.S. Sanctions (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

Now, North Korea claims that it is in the early stages of developing its very own cryptocurrency as a resort to avoid crippling international sanctions and also circumvent the U.S.-dominated global economic system. The proposed digital currency, which doesn’t have a name yet, will most probably be “more like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,” said Alejandro Cao de Benos, a special delegate for the Committee for Cultural Relations for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and also the official person in charge of North Korea’s cryptocurrency conferences.

Four Japanese Banks Including the Seven Bank, Joins MoneyTap (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

Financial giant SBI has published in their report that four major Japanese banks have invested in its cashless mobile-payment application, MoneyTap. Money tap is powered by Ripple which uses the Ripple xCurrent solution, built on distributed ledger technology.

Decentralized Oracles Make Aelf a More Versatile Blockchain Project (The Merkle), Rated: A

To achieve communication with other blockchains and data sources, Aelf will rely on a service known as Chainlink Oracles. This technology allows any connected blockchain to interact with data sources such as Google Cloud, SAP, and NASDAQ. On the cryptocurrency front, it allows a direct line of communication with Bitcoin and data. Every oracle in this ecosystem is capable of verifying data prior to submitting it to partner chains such as Aelf.

Kyrgyzstan Proposes a Law to Tax Cryptocurrency Mining After Banning The Same In 2014 (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

According to reports from the regional news outlet Kabar, the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic has submitted a draft law “On Amending the Tax Code”. The law will introduce taxes on cryptocurrency mining activities.


Terrorist Groups Like Hamas Counting on Telegram For Raising Cryptocurrency (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: AAA

As per the latest report by MEMRI, short for Middle East Media Research Institute which is based in Washington DC, multiple infamous terrorist groups, such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, and the Hamas, are banking on Telegram, as well as other social media channels, for raising digital currencies. Moreover, this threat is only going to increase with Telegram unveiling its own blockchain called TON (Telegram Open Network) along with its cryptocurrency titled Gram, as noted in the report.


Is Kik’s Restructuring a ‘Hail-Mary Pass’ or a True Saving Grace? (Finance Magnates), Rated: AAA

Instead of operating as a messaging platform, Kik will focus its effort entirely on building the Kin ecosystem and “converting Kin users into Kin buyers.” If the company is successful at convering users into buyers, the ecosystem would  100 million more users than Telegram’s cryptocurrency ecosystem . (Telegram, another messaging service held funding rounds for a cryptocurrency of its own last year; its token will launch in the next few weeks. At press time, it had roughly 200 million users.

Source: Finance Magnates
Eastern Europe

The Ukrainian government plans to legalize cryptocurrency (The Block), Rated: AAA

The Ukranian government has plans to legalize cryptocurrency, according to a report in the independent Ukrainian news publication Ligamedia.

Latin America

Venezuela may use cryptocurrency to bypass financial sanctions (Silicon Angle), Rated: AAA

Venezuela’s central bank is looking into ways to hold bitcoin and Ethereum and use them for financial transactions, according to sources quoted by Bloomberg late last week.

The push is said to be coming from state-run oil company Petroloeos de Venezuela SA, which wants support for cryptocurrencies to pay the company’s suppliers. Socialist Venezuela is subject to numerous international sanctions that limit its ability to use the global financial system, and cryptocurrency is seen as a possible alternative for the troubled country.

Three innovative blockchain projects in Argentina (Yahoo! Finance), Rated: AAA

Argentina still has a high number of unbanked citizens. In fact, around 52% of Argentina’s adult population don’t have a bank account.

The inflation level skyrocketed to 57.3% last spring and has remained stuck above 50%, despite predictions to the contrary. People earning the minimum wage can’t keep up with the speed at which prices are rising and many are barely able to buy staple foods.


Formerly know as BitPagos, Ripio started an easy-to-use platform that enabled users to buy, sell, invest, or trade cryptocurrencies.

Carnes Validadas

Carnes Validadas is a blockchain-based start-up that claims to bring together all the stakeholders such as farmers and companies in the meat supply chain.

While it may have lost market share due to the internal crisis, Argentina is still the eighth largest beef exporter worldwide, with exports reaching $1.93 billion in 2018.


Experimental is an Argentinian start-up looking to disrupt the gaming industry. The company claims to be the “first gaming studio in the world to leverage blockchain technologies”.

The start-up gathered $500,000 this spring from several investors.

Sãu Paulo Adopts Blockchain Registry for Public Works Management (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

The recent collaboration of the municipal government of São Paulo, Brazil, with a blockchain network to maintain its public works projects has further strengthened the span of decentralized platforms.

According to the news, the prestigious Municipal Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works teamed-up with the blockchain company Construtivo to device a decentralized solution for them that will make maintenance of public works record easier and accountable.


Crypto in Cuba Faces Challenges Despite Growing Adoption, Overview (Coin Telegraph), Rated: AAA

Following the roll-out of mobile internet across the country in 2018, many ordinary Cubans are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to bypass economic sanctions imposed by the United States and access the global marketplace.

Despite growing adoption, cryptocurrencies still face a number of challenges in Cuba, including limited access to crypto exchanges, lack of a pertinent regulatory apparatus and the growing popularity of a gold-backed MLM stablecoin.


Stablecoin digital currency shares rand value (IOL), Rated: AAA

eZAR is a digital stablecoin that’s pegged to the rand.

South Africa’s first stablecoin, a digital currency that has the same value as the rand, launched recently and Rory Mapstone, founder of EOSza – the company behind the stablecoin – wants it to revolutionise the way we pay for things.

Burundi Bans Cryptocurrency Trading in its Soil due to Lack of Security (CryptoNewsZ), Rated: A

The Republic of Burundi announces a complete ban on all-things related to cryptocurrency within its borders. The declaration came after the government was urged to investigate and take action against money lost by some of its citizens while trading digital currencies.


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