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Solana-Powered Helium (HNT) Spikes By 145%, Analyzing The Drivers Of The Surge

Helium (HNT), a decentralized network launched in 2019, has experienced significant gains across multiple timeframes, making it one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency market. This price surge comes alongside Solana’s (SOL) remarkable 56% increase over the past 30 days and other protocols built on Solana’s network. HNT has achieved staggering gains over the past 30 days, surpassing 147%. This remarkable growth has continued with gains of 101% and 45% over the past fourteen and seven days, respectively.  In the 24-hour time frame alone, HNT reached a high of $5.008 and experienced a remarkable surge of 53%, a level not seen since October 2022. But what are the main catalysts behind this spike? Helium’s Mobile Service Launch Ignites HNT Investor Frenzy The recent surge in HNT’s price can be attributed to the announcement made by the Helium network on December 5. The network revealed that users across the United States can now enjoy unlimited data, voice, and text services for a monthly fee of $20 through their newly launched mobile service. Related Reading: Tether (USDT) Cap Approaches $90 Billion: Why This Affects Bitcoin According to recent reports, Helium Mobile, a subsidiary of Nova Labs, introduced this no-contract nationwide mobile service, aiming to provide consumers with an affordable and unrestricted mobile experience.  This move comes when major carriers have been imposing data limits, increasing contract obligations, and raising prices, making Helium’s offering particularly appealing to users seeking more flexible and cost-effective options. By offering unlimited data, voice, and text services for a flat fee of $20 per month, Helium Mobile aims to address the growing demand for affordable and unrestricted mobile connectivity.  According to the announcement, the company aims to empower customers by putting control back into their hands, challenging the practices of traditional carriers. CEO Amir Haleem Calls For Transparency In Mobile Industry Amir Haleem, CEO of Nova Labs, emphasized the company’s belief that cell phones are essential and that unlimited data, text, and calls should be standard offerings.  Haleem criticized carriers for concealing high subscription rates, roaming fees, and additional data charges behind seemingly attractive phone upgrade options that often lock customers into costly plans for extended periods. In addition to its mobile service, Helium Mobile supports a people-powered coverage model, allowing customers to become network owners and operators. Like platforms like Airbnb or Uber, the company believes that “reducing monopolies” and empowering customers can improve service quality, lower costs, and overall benefits for all stakeholders. Related Reading: Crypto Analyst Predicts Dogecoin Price Pump Of Epic Proportions To $0.7, Here’s When As the demand for reliable and affordable mobile services grows, Helium’s approach has positioned it as a key player in the industry. This announcement has propelled HNT’s price upward as investors recognize the potential of Helium’s approach in the mobile service sector. The trading price of HNT stands at $4.153, marking a significant breakout from its downtrend structure of the past 11 months. The cryptocurrency is now targeting its next resistance level at $4.70.  However, should HNT fail to surpass this resistance, it will be crucial for the coin to maintain support at the $3.00 level to sustain its current bullish momentum. Featured image from Shutterstock, chart from 

Tether (USDT) Cap Approaches $90 Billion: Why This Affects Bitcoin

Data shows that the Tether (USDT) market cap is almost $90 billion. Here’s why this growth could matter for the price of Bitcoin. Tether Market Cap Has Continued To Observe A Rise Recently Tether is a cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar, meaning its price remains stable around the $1 mark. The asset is the most famous such “stablecoin” in the sector, with its market cap outstripping any other stable’s. As the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock pointed out, the largest stablecoin supply has only continued to grow recently. The chart below shows the trend in the market caps of the various stablecoins in the cryptocurrency sector over the past year. Looks like the metric has been growing for USDT in recent days | Source: IntoTheBlock on X As displayed in the above graph, Tether has observed an overall uptrend during the past year, while USD Coin (USDC), the next largest competitor, has observed outflows as its market cap has fallen. Related Reading: Sleeping Bitcoin Giants Wake Up: Pattern Mirrors 2021 Bull Run The chart also puts into perspective how small the other stables are when compared to these two assets, making them perhaps insignificant for the wider market. What relevance does a large stablecoin like Tether have for Bitcoin and other coins in the sector? The answer to that question lies in what the stablecoins represent. Generally, investors make use of stables whenever they want to avoid the volatility associated with the other assets in the sector. The holders keeping their capital locked in these fiat-tied tokens usually plan to return towards the volatile side, however, as they would have gone for fiat itself if they wanted to keep away from cryptocurrency altogether. When such investors finally move back towards coins like Bitcoin, they naturally put buying pressure on their prices. For this reason, the supply of stablecoins could be considered the “potential buying supply” for BTC and others. There are two ways the USDT market cap grows. The first is an influx of fresh capital directly going to the asset, which is naturally a bullish development as it means the total capital in the sector goes up. The second is through a swap from another coin like Bitcoin. In this case, the overall capital present in the sector wouldn’t change, as it’s just a reshuffling, but whatever asset is being sold in favor of the stablecoin would naturally see some decline. Related Reading: Analyst Says Solana At Risk Of Pullback: Here Is The Target The most bullish scenario for the market is, therefore, when both the BTC price and Tether market cap head up, as it implies, a fresh influx of capital is happening towards both the coins. As analyst James V. Straten explained in a post on X, the correlation between the USDT market cap and BTC has almost hit 100% during this latest rally, as both have shot up. The value of the metric seems to have been high recently | Source: @jimmyvs24 on X The USDT market cap continuing to grow in these circumstances is certainly an optimistic sign for the current rally, as it means that all this dry powder that’s accumulating could potentially be deployed into Bitcoin should the surge slow down, helping extend the move further. BTC Price Bitcoin had breached the $44,000 mark earlier in the past day, but the asset has since seen some pullback as it’s now back around $43,800. BTC has continued to observe a strong surge during the past day | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView Featured image from, charts from,,

Crypto Analyst Predicts Dogecoin Price Pump Of Epic Proportions To $0.7, Here’s When

A crypto analyst has shared his projections on the future trajectory of the foremost meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE). He also hinted as to when DOGE would experience this tremendous rally that would make it rise to $0.7. When DOGE Will Hit $0.7 In a post shared on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, crypto analyst Captain Faibik stated that an “epic pump” is not far for Dogecoin. From the accompanying chart he shared, this projected rally would see the meme coin rise to $0.7. This move, which will see DOGE gain over 900%, is expected to happen in the first half of 2024.   Related Reading: Shiba Inu Burn Rate Surges With Over 8 Billion SHIB Burned, Here’s The Trigger Source: X There seems to be a general bullish sentiment around Dogecoin from a technical analysis perspective. Recently, crypto analyst MonoCoinSignal highlighted how DOGE’s price had entered an important zone. He noted that this zone, alongside other indicators, suggests a bullish momentum as the meme coin could be on its way up.  Another crypto analyst who goes by Jhonnybrah on Tradingview had also hinted that a god candle might be incoming for DOGE’s price. Unlike MoonCoinSignal, Jhonnybrah provided potential price targets that DOGE could hit. The first target for the god candle happens to be just below $0.14, with the second target above the $0.22 mark.  DOGE price rises above $0.1 | Source: DOGEUSD on A Dogecoin Parabolic Move In 2024 Confirmed? Crypto analyst JD also recently shared his thoughts on DOGE’s price action. The crypto analyst suggested that the charts were properly set up for a significant rally in the meme coin’s price. He stated that the “King of Memcoins” had a “beautiful chart structure” based on the monthly chart he shared.  JD noted that the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) was on the verge of having another bullish cross. The last two times this happened are said to be in 2017 and 2021, when DOGE saw a 62x and 370x, respectively, in its price. Based on the chart he shared, 2024 could be when DOGE experiences this bullish cross again.  Related Reading: Crypto Expert Delivers Top 8 Altcoins To Buy On Binance There seems to be no doubt about Dogecoin’s incoming pump, especially considering that the meme coin’s price has trended low for a while now. Several macro factors are also aligning toward this upward trend. Recently, Bitcoinist reported that the open interest on Dogecoin has crossed the $500 million threshold.  Meanwhile, Dogecoin recently achieved a new milestone as it was reported that over 5 million addresses now hold DOGE tokens. The belief in the meme coin seems to be growing, and with that in mind, more liquidity could flow into its ecosystem soon enough.  At the time of writing, DOGE is trading at around $0.10, up over 17% in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.  Featured image from Inside Telecom, chart from

Coinbase Introduces New Features For Global Remittances

Coinbase, an American-based cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed its latest wallet features for transferring money internationally without going through the traditional hurdles. Significance Of Coinbase New Transfer Features On Tuesday, Coinbase announced its latest feature for its wallet to simplify and hasten global money transfers. The new feature is presented as a user-friendly procedure. According to the crypto firm, the new initiative is described as “Send money with a link.” Within the Coinbase Wallet, users can generate a link to distribute via their favorite social media platforms. Related Reading: Coinbase (COIN) Up By 250% – Here’s Why It’s Outperforming BTC And ETH However, the exchange noted that the wallet must be owned by both the receiver and the sender of the money. Furthermore, users who do not have the wallet, when emailed a link, will be prompted to download it from Apple or Android app stores. The crypto company further asserted the safety of the new initiative. Coinbase noted that failure to retrieve sent funds within weeks will automatically send the money back to the sender. The company stated: When your recipient clicks the shared link, it’ll take them into the Coinbase Wallet app to claim or direct them to download the Coinbase Wallet app on iOS or Android and create a new wallet in just 1-click. It’s that simple. And if the funds are not claimed within 2 weeks, they will automatically be returned to the sender. Coinbase has highlighted several situations where this new feature is “very efficient and helpful.” These include paying off debts with friends, giving last-minute gifts, and tipping tour guides and other service providers.  In addition, the feature sparks a swift money-sending procedure. This eliminates downloading different apps or sorting through many usernames and profiles. Furthermore, the crypto firm asserted that the new feature is vital for people in high-inflation economies. Latest Feature To Eliminate Payment Irregularities The procedure eliminates the expenses and complications of using traditional methods to send money globally. Traditionally, sending money globally has required sifting through a complex web of bank account and routing details.  Related Reading: Coinbase Holds $25 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin, Becomes Largest Holder With 1M BTC In addition, these transactions take longer to process, mostly up to five working days. However, the Coinbase wallet boasts instantaneous settlement and zero-fee transactions. Coinbase wallet is supported by over 170 countries worldwide and is available in 20 languages. This guarantees the ability to send and receive money virtually anywhere. Furthermore, it currently supports local fiat onramps from more than 130 countries. These include top payment processors like Pix in Brazil, Instant P2P Bank in Nigeria, and GCash in the Philippines. Featured image by Shutterstock, chart by

Bitcoin Bull Rally Is Far From Over According To These Large Whales

Bitcoin has really heated up in the past few weeks, pushing its price above consecutive price resistances to reach new yearly highs. Bitcoin recently pushed past $44,000, registering gains of 15% in a 7-day timeframe.  However, while the price gain can be partly attributed to hype around the spot Bitcoin ETFs, on-chain data shows increased activity among many big holders. According to the on-chain analytics platform Santiment, the recent surge in the price of BTC has been connected with an increase in the number of wallets holding more than 100 BTC. Large Bitcoin Wallets Increase Purchases An X post by Santiment has revealed the amount of wallets holding 100 BTC or more has been on the rise for four weeks. Bitcoin went through unprecedented gains in October, and whales and large holders holding between 100 and 1,000 BTC increased by 16 wallets. As a result, BTC continued on its price climb, pushing $30,000, the first of many to come in the following weeks.  Related Reading: Bitcoin Rises To $41,000: How Much Profit Has Microstrategy Made On Its BTC Bet? However, Santiment data shows that the number of large wallets saw a big drop-off on November 9, correlating with a brief period of profit-taking which saw Bitcoin drop from $37,000 to $35,500 by November 15.  Things started to change by mid-November, indicating that the bull rally wasn’t slowing down. The number of whale addresses holding 100 BTC or more started to rise around this time period, and 48 of these whale wallets have returned in the past four weeks, indicating these large players have been busy stocking up on BTC during the rally. According to Santiment data, there are now around 16,000 of these wallets. 🐳 #Bitcoin‘s climb has continued, reaching $44K just 2 hours ago. The amount of existing 100+ $BTC wallets have correlated tightly with this price climb. Since a big drop-off on November 9th, 48 of these whale wallets have returned in the past 4 weeks. — Santiment (@santimentfeed) December 5, 2023 More BTC Gains In December? December has historically been a mixed month of performance for Bitcoin. However, the last time the crypto registered price gains in October and November, it would go on to spike another 46.92% in December. A repeat could see Bitcoin reach above $55,000 before the end of the year. Source: X The recent Bitcoin price rally is somehow different from past rallies, as potential catalysts for a price surge like the next halving and the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US are still yet to happen. Santiment’s on-chain metric regarding whale wallets reiterates the position of many crypto analysts predicting that the recent price surge is just the start of an extended bull run that will continue through 2024.  Related Reading: The Bulls Are Back: Crypto Institutional Inflows Balloon To 2021 Levels Bitcoin is currently trading at $43,767 after briefly touching over $44,000 for a few hours. According to crypto analyst Ali Martinez, the TD Sequential indicator indicates a possible price pullback for BTC to the $37,000 support zone. A #Bitcoin price correction is coming… The question is when? Well, the TD Sequential indicator suggests that a potential $BTC price pullback could begin within the next 7 to 48 hours, based on the daily and three-day charts. 👀 — Ali (@ali_charts) December 5, 2023 BTC price reclaims $44,000 | BTCUSD on Featured image from InfoMoney, chart from

Ethereum Price 2023 Breakthrough: Surpassing Bitcoin, Altcoin Surge Next?

For the first time in 2023, the Ethereum price has outperformed Bitcoin across several metrics, hinting at a fundamental shift in market structure. The second cryptocurrency by market capitalization follows the general sentiment in the sector, setting new yearly highs. Related Reading: XRP Greed Index Soars, Backed By Robust $1.3 Billion Volume – Good For Price? As of this writing, the Ethereum price trades at $2,300 with a 4% profit in the last 24 hours. Over the previous week, the cryptocurrency recorded a 10% profit, with most of the altcoin sector still lagging the current price action. Ethereum Price Signals Strength For Altcoin Sector? A report from BlockScholes posted by the options platform Deribit indicates a spike in the Ethereum price volatility back to its levels above Bitcoin’s. ETH’s shift in market structure hints at traders and institutions gearing up for early 2024. The report claims that the potential approval of a spot in the US ETH Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is behind the current price action. This new dynamic suggests that the bullish sentiment above this event slipped from Bitcoin to Ethereum. As seen in the chart below, Ethereum records a higher return than Bitcoin for the first time since July 2023. The surge in returns, BlockSholes said, allowed ETH to buck a persistent downtrend, but overall, the cryptocurrency’s performance remains in its yearly range. In other words, the Ethereum price is doing better than in other periods across 2023 but has yet to resume a bullish momentum concerning Bitcoin. However, the report noted: This reversal is not yet strong enough for us to be confident in a return to the market structure that we had previously come to expect, but does indicate that the effects of speculative bets around the application of a spot ETF are not limited to BTC. This is echoed by the implied volatilities for both assets across the term structure, which forecast similar volatility levels for both assets. What Favors An Altcoin Rally In addition, the report noted a decline in the US dollar as measured by the DXY Index. Risk assets can thrive as the currency trends lower, potentially hinting at a loose monetary policy by the Federal Reserve (Fed). If Ethereum continues gaining bullish momentum from its current levels, the entire altcoin sector could see further profits. The report indicates that most entities and traders are pricing in a “risk event” by the end of January 2024. Related Reading: Bloomberg Experts Forecast Timeline For Spot Ethereum ETF Approval Thus, Bitcoin and Ethereum may see a more significant rally by that time. Whichever coin prevails might reveal more information on the subsequent trend; if Ethereum outperformed, then altcoins are more likely to follow. Cover image from Unsplash, chart from Tradingview

XRP Greed Index Soars, Backed By Robust $1.3 Billion Volume – Good For Price?

The price of XRP, the native token of the Ripple payment network, increased by 4% to $0.639999 over the course of the previous day. This occurred on a day when rising optimism caused the cryptocurrency market as a whole to rise by 5%. XRP has increased by 4% over the past month and by 1.5% in only one week. It is currently the fifth-largest token by market capitalization, having increased by a remarkable 80% since the start of the year. This demonstrates how, in the cryptocurrency world, XRP is moving to its own rhythm. Related Reading: Bitcoin Bulldozes Past $44,000 – Is $45K Next This Week? XRP Shows Renewed Vigor Thanks to the general surge in the cryptocurrency market, the token has emerged from a protracted hibernation with encouraging indicators. Even while it hasn’t fully restored to its former splendor, the remnants of its strength are beginning to flare once more. In the upcoming days, analysts project another 15% increase, bringing its value to $0.72. Technical indicators show cautious optimism, scoring 72 for “Greed” and neutral positive mood. XRP Greed Index at 72. Source: Coincodex When a cryptocurrency’s index is labeled “Greed,” it indicates a positive market sentiment where investors are optimistic and more willing to take risks. This sentiment is measured on a scale ranging from extreme fear to extreme greed, with a “Greed” leaning suggesting heightened confidence and positive expectations among market participants. A surge in buying demand might push XRP’s price higher and into the $0.65–$0.71 supply zone. Confirmation of the continuation of the intermediate trend would require a break and close above this order block’s midline, at $0.68. The price of XRP might then aim for the psychological level of $0.8000 if this order block were to flip into support. XRP market cap currently at $34.12 billion on the daily chart: With the approval of the Bitcoin ETF and probable rate cuts bringing about a potential full-fledged bull market next year, it is feasible that the market-wide surge of today marks the beginning of an end-of-year rally. If this is the case, Ripple’s recent wins over the SEC and the company’s recent expansion should assist XRP immensely. While XRP’s 24-hour trading volume has surpassed $1.3 billion, the altcoin’s support level is still rising gradually. This indicates that during that period, a sizable sum of XRP was bought and traded. Source: Changelly XRP’s Momentum: Rising Support, Increased Trading Signal Growth Positive sentiment is often associated with rising support levels since they show that more traders and investors are prepared to purchase XRP at higher prices, and bigger trading volumes signify more activity and liquidity in the market. This is still far below the $3 billion-plus levels observed at the beginning of November, but being a significant increase over the levels seen in September and early October. Put differently, there is ample opportunity for XRP’s current surge to continue and perhaps even pick up more momentum. #XRP – Last time MACD crossed 0 level, $XRP went PARABOLIC! Haven’t confirmed above, but we are getting VERY CLOSE… Glad we bought low using a calculated strategy! We will sell the top too using same strategy! No emotions! Retweet/Like for updates! — JD 🇵🇭 (@jaydee_757) December 1, 2023 Meanwhile, in a post on his X platform, cryptocurrency expert JD stated that the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) was the catalyst for the market’s explosive rise. As JD noted, the “parabolic” spike in XRP occurred at the same moment that the MACD last moved above zero. Although it hasn’t happened this time, he says the market is quickly getting close to that point. Related Reading: PEPE Inks 46% Weekly Gain – Can It Leap To The $1 Jackpot? The big trading activity shows that a lot of people are involved in XRP, making it important in the crypto world. As the coin’s Greed index goes up, everyone is excited to see what happens next with XRP, as it sits on the edge of market changes driven by feelings and lots of trading. (This site’s content should not be construed as investment advice. Investing involves risk. When you invest, your capital is subject to risk). Featured image from Shutterstock