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United States

7% Of Bitcoin Supply Held In Cold Storage Vaults By One Company (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Bitcoin storage provider Xapo now holds about 7% of the world’s total Bitcoinsupply in its vaults, “roughly” amounting to $10 bln, Bloomberg reports May 9 quoting unnamed sources.

5 reasons why Coinbase could list Tron (TRX) (BitGekko), Rated: AAA

Just like in the stock market, the crypto space is rife with speculation, often causing the prices of coins to skyrocket or drop within seconds. The rumour surrounding Tron’s (TRX) potential listing on Coinbase is music to the ears of Tron HODLers and general crypto enthusiasts looking to win big by taking a gamble on an altcoin with a relatively low price.

  1. Tron wants to increase trading pairs
  2. Coinbase needs to profit from exchanges
  3. Coinbase is preparing for a huge increase in trading
  4. Tron is opening an office in San Francisco
  5. The Feng Li connection – If the rumour that early Coinbase investor Feng Li has a stake in Tron turns out to be true, it’s completely plausible that Li’s influence could help Tron secure a listing on Coinbase.

Litecoin To 4x By August? (Seeking Alpha), Rated: AAA

Many were astonished at Litecoin’s 329% gain in just 11 days that we saw last year, and so the question remains… will be seeing gains like that anytime soon? This author believes that we will be.

After Litecoin peaked at $369 on December 19th, we saw a huge tumble downwards. In just two months, we saw the price of Litecoin drop by nearly 70%, all the way down to $108.

But even so, Litecoin managed to break through the multi-month descending trendline which held it down, when on February 14th it shot up by 37%, breaking through the descending trendline.

Source: Coinigy
poloniex litecoin
Source: Coinigy

Stochastic RSI

litecoin stochastic RSI
Source: Coinigy

Trend-Based Fibonacci Extension

Another high probability target might be the .786 ratio level, which would be a re-test of the initial high of roughly $370. According to analysis, this would be a 127% gain, which is quite common in the crypto space.

fibonacci litecoin
Source: Coinigy


Winklevoss Twins Acquire Patent for Cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Products (CryptoSlate), Rated: AAA

As the sentiment of major investment firms begins to shift, the demand for derivative-based cryptocurrency investments has seen rapid growth. Pushing further into Wall Street, Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss secure a patent for the first-ever cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Product (ETP).

The approval of the patent application allows Winklevoss IP, a company owned by the Winklevoss brothers, to settle exchange-traded products (ETPs) holding cryptocurrencies on national securities exchanges.

An ETP is a type of security that is priced based on the derived value of other investment instruments such as commodities, stocks, or in this case, cryptocurrencies.

How Does Crypto Investing Compare To Other Investments? (Nasdaq), Rated: AAA

You’re planning to visit Europe for a two-week vacation and convert $1,000 USD to euros. How closely do you pay attention to the exchange rate? Chances are it won’t factor into your decision as much as the overall timing of your vacation based on your wants, needs, and available vacation days. If the exchange rate becomes more favorable when you convert back, and you end up with a $5 profit, you wouldn’t consider that a return on your investment.

In terms of strategy, many investors are treating cryptocurrency like other investments. They apply their trading strategies, for better or worse, to coins as if they were traditional stocks or ETFs.

There are three main ways to “invest” in cryptocurrency:

  • Mining is the biggest departure from conventional investments.
  • In cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitcoin and altcoins can be traded very similarly to stocks and bonds.
  • Finally, it’s possible to invest in crypto using a more traditional format.

Why Nasdaq’s CEO is bullish on cryptocurrencies (CNN Money), Rated: A

She is helping Nasdaq expand its offerings beyond the traditional stock exchange to an emerging platform that provides the infrastructure for other exchanges to participate in and monitor trading activity in the cryptocurrency market.

Friedman says cryptocurrencies feel like the “right next step in the space of currency.” Yet, she says the “jury is still out” when it comes to which digital currency will persist.

One potential roadblock: government regulation.

NYSE’s Plans For ‘Physical Delivery’ Of Bitcoin Pave Way For Major Crypto Adoption, Analysts Say (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

Analysts Dominic Chu and Robert Kelly weighed in on recent reports that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) plans to offer Bitcoin (BTC) swap contracts, on CNBC Tuesday, May 8. Both Chu and Kelly argued that the fact that these contracts would be settled with the delivery of BTC itself is an important factor in Bitcoin’s mainstream adoption.

Bloomberg, Galaxy Digital start cryptocurrency index (Seeking Alpha), Rated: A

The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index is designed to track the performance of the largest, most liquid part of the cryptocurrency market.

Institutional Money has a Love-Hate Relationship with Cryptocurrencies (Truth in Media), Rated: A

Despite the big names in finance and tech speaking against crypto, there are signs that institutional investors are venturing into cryptocurrencies. Dash Force News spoke with Chris Rockwell, founder of RSI Advisors (an investment advisory firm in New Hampshire), about this new trend.

Dash makes institutional investing easier

As the price of Dash has increased drastically from the beginning of 2017 so has the overall price of masternodes. Consumers and investors wanted to invest in masternodes to receive the payout rewards, but did not have the capital to buy a full masternode.

Washingtonians: Want To Buy Or Sell Bitcoin? Just Go To An ATM (Warnu.org), Rated: A

Inside The Diner in Adams Morgan, Eddie Jackson is loading a stack of bills into an ATM. For a second, it looks like he’s using the machine incorrectly — bills normally come out of an ATM, not go in — but it quickly becomes clear what’s going on: he’s buying Bitcoin.

The D.C. resident calls himself a “Bitcoin entrepreneur.” He buys the virtual currency with cash, waits for its value to rise, then sells it online at a profit. He says today, he bought “a couple thousand dollars” in Bitcoin at this machine.

Creating your own cryptocurrency? Here’s what you need to know (CNBC), Rated: A

Just how hard is it to create your own cryptocurrency?

Turns out the process can be a complicated, time-consuming legal juggernaut with a high rate of failure for investors and creators.

Get a team of experts

Upcoming coins need to clearly communicate their intended purpose to potential investors as well as the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is becoming more involved in ICOs.

Sell it

Many coin offerings use white papers to communicate the goals of the token to potential investors.

Build it

Drumming up interest and support in the cryptocommunity is important, but that won’t get you far if the token doesn’t work.

Why Mark Zuckerberg just put some of his best execs on blockchain (CNBC), Rated: AAA

Imagine a vast online network in the future where we all hang out, chat and buy things, but that’s not owned by Facebook or Google or Amazon. That’s the promise some people see in blockchain.

“I certainly don’t think blockchain is an existential threat to Facebook today,” said Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, a San Francisco-based venture firm that invests in blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies. “Could it be? Yes, longer term. That’s why they want to be smart and stay engaged.”

Blockchain enthusiasts see an opening to take Facebook out of the equation.

“Facebook is actively trying to shut down the open web,” Calacanis wrote in a blog post about the competition. “That’s an opportunity for clever founders to double down on solutions that Facebook and Google do not control.”

Why It Makes Sense For Facebook to Move Into the Brave New World of Blockchain (Fortune), Rated: A

Facebook is still reeling after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but it’s not stopping the company from making some big changes.

So what could Facebook be doing with a distributed ledger technology that, in its essence, is at odds with the premise of a centralized company like Facebook. As CNBC noted, blockchain has data stored across a network of computers, while Facebook is a massive centralized organization that owns the infrastructure and data of its 2 billion global users.

Taking Ripple To Court Could See XRP Hit $ 2.50 (CryptoDaily), Rated: A

A Ripple listing on Coinbase would then kick start a chain reaction, with other exchanges jumping on board, causing trading volumes to expand dramatically, we will see the price of XRP skyrocket. $1.00 will be a drop in the ocean, perhaps from the outset of this, we would see XRP hit $2.50 and beyond.

Ripple’s XRP development team confirms release of Rippled 1.0.0 (AMBCrypto), Rated: B

Nik Bougalis, one of the lead developers on the Ripple team, confirmed the release of Rippled 1.0.0. Rippled is the name given to the core server of the XRP peer-to-peer network.

Reddit co-founder says cryptocurrencies are a powerful tool against hyperinflation (The Next Web), Rated: B

In an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, Ohanian said he believes cryptocurrencies can be an effective tool in protecting your funds against hyperinflation.

SEC and CFTC headlines on Ethereum decision shows power of fake news (Brave New Coin), Rated: B

According to another of the Journal’s sources: “A working group of regulators including senior SEC and CFTC officials are scheduled to discuss the matter on May 7″. However, there was no mention of the meeting on the calendar of either body’s website.



Bitmain, the Chinese chip maker, is manufacturing hardware and chips that deliver such hash power that those using them could end up controlling the Ethereum transaction confirmation process, obliterating small miners. As a result, Ethereum developers are fiercely working on countermeasures, such as Casper, to dramatically change the mining process.


Most miners in the Ethereum network use GPUs (graphics processing units). Ethereum purposely implemented a proof-of-work algorithm that would prevent ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) equipment from mining Ether. This algorithm is EtHash. Bitcoin, on the other hand, uses SHA-256.

New Report On Crypto Ownership Shows ‘Majority Of Early Adopters Already On Board’ (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

New research into the current state of global bottom-up adoption of cryptocurrencies was released in a report by Dalia Research on their Medium blog, May 9. The report shows differences in crypto ownership and knowledge along lines of education, gender, and nationality.

The survey revealed that although on average 75 percent of people globally are “aware” of cryptocurrencies, in terms of actually understanding what crypto is, only 50 percent of respondents answered positively.

Both awareness and knowledge of crypto were highest in South Korea (87 percent, 60 percent) and Japan (83 percent, 61 percent).

own crypto
Source: Dalia Research
buying crypto
Source: Dalia Research

Read the full report here.


1. Petro

While the Petro project has reportedly raised the most money of any ICO on this list, it is also quite possibly the most controversial. Problems include human rights violations, rampant corruption, and hyperinflation of its own fiat currency.

2. EOS

One of the biggest controversies regarding EOS is its ICO structure, which utilizes a continuous distribution model over a one-year period (ending on June 1, 2018). During the ICO, EOS is simultaneously available to purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges, an uncommon practice for almost every other similar project. This strategy has been criticized by some as EOS trying to drive speculation and pit investors against one another.

Source: Irish Tech News

4. Dragon (DRG)

20% of the ICO fundraising will go toward construction of the $300 million Dragon Pearl Hotel Casino. Interestingly enough, the other 80% of funds needed to build the facility are being paid by the Norwegian government.

More controversially, Dragon has been linked to the recent scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica.

8. Tezos

Soon after the ICO ended, Tezos co-founders Kathleen and Arthur Breitman discovered that Johann Gevers, Tezos’ fund manager, decided to give himself a $1.5 million bonus without notifying other members of the team. This has since led to a class action lawsuit, which has cast a large shadow over the project.

Source: Irish Tech News

The tech is ‘coming to life,’ but will IBM’s blockchain initiative pay off fast enough? (Herald Sun), Rated: A

Two recent announcements highlighted its involvement in collaborations in the jewelryand insurance trades that capitalize on an open-source software package IBM developers in Research Triangle Park helped write to make it easier for businesses to use “blockchain” ledgers.

All told, more than 1,500 people at IBM work on blockchain, company spokeswoman Leesa D’Alto said.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology not living up to the hype, Gartner CIO survey shows (CIO), Rated: A

Only 1% of CIOs have deployed blockchain in their organisation, according to Gartner’s 2018 CIO Survey, as IT business leaders struggle to find the real business value behind the hype.

Just 8% of the more than 3,000 CIOs in 98 countries that Gartner surveyed had short-term plans to adopt the distributed ledger technology, while more than three quarters (77%) of them had no plans to use blockchain.

Global Telecoms Firms Successfully Test Blockchain System For Inter-Carrier Settlement (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

Major international telecommunications companies Colt Technology Services and PCCW Global have collaborated with a blockchain startup to progress with a blockchain proof of concept (PoC). The joint initiative would automate inter-carrier settlement of services across the telecoms industry, UK media outlet Finextra reported May 8.

Qubic: What is the latest sensation on IOTA (MIOTA) all about? (Crypto Globalist), Rated: A

Last week on Thursday IOTA (MIOTA) made the eagerly awaited announcement on a new technology that will change how business is carried out on smart contracts.

Qubic offers an oracle that connects IOTA USD/EUR conversions with the rates obtained from Bloomberg.com on a smart contract. This is a unique feature seen in the blockchain industry that can allow the writing of forwards and options on cryptocurrencies which can lead to greater stability in price.

Is There Anything Good About Cryptocurrencies? (Forbes), Rated: A

Despite undeniable global enthusiasm, which manifested as a $700+ billion market cap in January of this year, cryptocurrencies have faced their fair share of hurdles on the road to mainstream acceptance.

Unfortunately, there are bad actors capitalizing on the enthusiasm for blockchain-based projects to scam would-be token purchasers in what is still a young space.

What Are The Benefits Of Crypto’s Distributed Funding Models?

At their core, cryptocurrencies enable transactions directly between participants, without having a central point of control.

The Top 7 Exchanges for Buying Cryptocurrencies with Fiat (ChainBits), Rated: A

You can deposit fiat to Coinbase from over 30 countries worldwide, making it the site with the widest regulated reach. It’s also one of the few options for people living in New York, where Bitlicense regulations have pushed most crypto-companies to withdraw.

GDAX is Coinbase’s trading exchange. The fiat-to-crypto and crypto-trading platforms are kept separate, though you can transfer assets from your Coinbase wallet to GDAX instantly.

Second only to Coinbase for popularity is Bitstamp, based in Luxembourg. Bitstamp started in 2011 as a competitor to the now-defunct MtGox, so it has a long history of reliability.

Kraken is less popular than Coinbase and Bitstamp, but wields great authority in the crypto space. The site provides Bitcoin pricing data to Bloomberg, is a founding member of the Committee for the Establishment of the Digital Asset Transfer Authority (DATA), and participates in many coin reviews, security assessments, and crypto partnerships with banks, payment providers, and industry leaders.

Gemini is the new kid on the block. Started in 2015 specifically to make buying (and storing) Bitcoin easier and safer, it’s a New York trust company, regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). It’s quickly gained authority, being one of the few exchanges trusted by the BlockTower Capital hedge fund.

US users can deposit funds only by bank wire. Bitfinex has a minimum trading stake of $1,000 for new users: you must have $1,000 in liquidity (fiat or crypto) before you can start trading, though it’s fine to fall below that amount once you’re active.

Moving even further away from government regulation, LocalBitcoins – based in Finland – offers peer-to-peer, in-person or online fiat-to-crypto listings. Rather than a centralized exchange, the site offers classifieds-style buy and sell listings for a multitude of cryptocurrencies.

Invite Only Cryptocurrency Merit Says it has Raised $ 1 Million (Crowdfund Insider), Rated: A

“Digital currency for humans” Merit has announced it has raised $1 million for their “world’s first invite only cryptocurrency.”

ModCloth co-founder aims to create ‘world’s most-used cryptocurrency’ with new startup Merit (GeekWire), Rated: B

Led by Adil Wali, a veteran entrepreneur who previously co-founded ModCloth (acquired by Walmart last year), the Seattle startup today unveiled its invite-only cryptocurrency called MRT.

Wali helped come up with the idea for Merit after he and his co-founder Maxim Khailo wondered why so few people — even those within the tech industry — actually own cryptocurrency. They concluded that it was a problem around usability and accessibility.

30% Of Financial Executives To Commit Resources To Blockchain (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

The Financial Executives Research Foundation (FERF) has released a report prepared in partnership with one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting and consulting firms Deloitte, on how blockchain technology is being employed in financial applications, Accounting Today reported May 9.

The report entitled “Blockchain for Financial Leaders: Opportunity vs. Reality” analyzes how blockchain could affect financial reporting, staffing, and other areas essential to executives. Researchers surveyed a group of financial executives, 30 percent of whom said they “plan to commit resources to blockchain within the next year and a half, though they don’t know yet what potential the technology holds.”

European Union

Ethereum Summit Attendees Commit to Governance Plan (CoinDesk), Rated: AAA

Organizers behind the EIP:0 Summit committed to four new governance steps on Wednesday, according to a statement. Notably, Parity Technologies, Aragon and the Web3 Foundation have already pledged their support in signing the statement of intent.

Ethereum Founder Responds to Charges of “Insane”, “Plutocratic” Governance (Bitcoin.com), Rated: A

And there it was, as Mr. Buterin, skeletal boy genius behind Ethereum, took to Twitter: “[…] it was organized without my permission or even involvement [….]” The turn of phrase, without my permission, might well haunt him in the days and months to come. It presupposes his benevolence, of course. What was it organized sans Mr. Buterin’s blessing or presense?

The “it” was a recent meeting in Toronto, Canada of Ethereum players, promptly blasted by Catallaxy co-founder and Satoshi Portal CEO (Bylls) Francis Pouliot.

Ethereum Price is in the Green Again as Most Markets Begin to Recover (The Merkle), Rated: AAA

The Ethereum price is the first one to effectively go in the green in the top 10, although it is an ever so small gain. If the momentum can intensify, however, the Ethereum price may reach $750 sooner rather than later.

With a small gain over the past 24 hours, things are finally looking up again.

Although a 0.73% increase in Ethereum price will not shock anyone anytime soon, it is still one of the more positive developments in the cryptocurrency markets right now. For the Ethereum price, finding stability at $740 and potentially rising to $750 is of the utmost importance right now.

With $2.87bn in 24-hour volume, things aren’t looking all that bad any means.

Source: The Merkle

How the initial coin offering works in the Netherlands (Baltimore Post Examiner), Rated: A

ICOs are based on the issuance of new digital coins which are traded on the market, something like initial public offerings (IPOs), but not for professional investors. So, you will first need to have a virtual currency that you can trade.

Before moving to the step where you actually prepare to launch the initial coin offering, some documents, like a white paper, where you explain the purpose of your ICO, how it works, how it will be implemented, its risks and its benefits could come in useful.

The next step is to register a company; this is just like in the case of investment funds, only much simpler.

Exchange of Exchanges financial blockchain raises $ 10M from Lion Financial (Silicon Angle), Rated: A

Switzerland-based EOE Foundation Ltd., an all-in-one “Exchange of Exchanges” blockchain global asset ledger, announced today that the company has raised $10 million led by Lion Financial Group.

Firmo protocol for financial derivatives on the blockchain (Next Big Future), Rated: A

The Firmo protocol executes financial contracts on blockchain technology. Contracts are written using thedomain specific language; FirmoLang. FirmoLang provides a secure execution environment for financial contracts on decentralized asset-classes. Similar to software built for airplane coordination, FirmoLang is formally verified, yielding needed security benefits for smart contracts in finance. FirmoLang compiles directly to Ethereum Virtual Machine bytecode. The Firmo Protocol is designed to integrate with and support the advancing decentralized economy, including: Decentralized exchanges, p2p lending platforms, prediction market platforms and more.

Serenity Escrow Service Expands Partnership to Teletrade FX Broker (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: B

Major trading corporation TeleTrade has recently announced their intention to partner with blockchain escrow service Serenity. Serenity uses blockchain technology to facilitate transactions and relationships between traders and their stock brokers.

SIRIN LABS Unveils Specs For FINNEY, the First Blockchain Smartphone (Press of Atlantic City), Rated: B

SIRIN LABS ( https://sirinlabs.com/ ) the company that carried out the fourth largest crowdsale in history, raising $157.8M for the development of the FINNEY family of consumer devices, is unveiling today the specs of the anticipated phone that will hit markets later this year.


Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 845128GB storage memory6GB RAMAndroid 8.1Google certified


Secure Hardware ElementTamper-resistantSupports major cryptocurrencies and tokens



6” 18:9Resolution 402PPI95% NTSC1500:1 contrast ratioUltra-low reflectionOil-free coatingFingerprint sensor


GSM, CDMA200, UMTS, TDD LTE, TD-SCDMA,22 LTE (4G CAT12) bandsWiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMOBluetooth 5.0NFC (A), NFC (B)


3000mAhCharging time: 30 min – 50%, 2 hours – 100%

United Kingdom

UK’s Biggest Energy Supplier Taps Blockchain for Cheaper, Greener Energy (CCN), Rated: AAA

The UK’s biggest energy provider, Centrica, is trialing blockchain technology in a bid to offer cheaper, greener energy to its gas and electricity customers.

Amana Capital Adds Cryptocurrencies (PR Newswire), Rated: A

Amana Capital announced today the long-anticipated launch of CFDs cryptocurrency trading on its MetaTrader 5 platform. This launch conforms with Amana’s mission in offering traders a wide variety of financial instruments and establishing a fully-fledged trading experience.

Litecoin Cash (LCC) Cryptocurrency Spacedrop Happens on May 15, 2018 (Bitcoin Exchange Guide), Rated: B

Coming Tuesday, the Litecoin Cash Team in association with Sent Into Space will drop 160,000 LCC from near the edge of space, right above British Midlands.

How does it work?

  • Litecoin Cash Golden Tickets will ascend to a stratospheric altitude of over 32 km in a hot air balloon. The ascent time will be about 3 hours.
  • At the peak of their ascent,a release mechanism will allow the tickets to disperse. They will reach speeds in excess of 300 km/h before slowing down as air resistance increases.

Binance’s Coin Listing Policy Raises Questions (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

As one of the oldest and least fashionable cryptocurrencies on the market, bytecoin was an unexpected addition to Binance. The exchange is more accustomed to listing the latest “must-have” tokens such as Wanchain, but appears willing to add any coin if the price is right.

As much as 82% of the coin’s supply is believed to be in the hands of one entity, or a handful of entities at best, and it is also alleged to be susceptible to an infinite inflation bug that allows coins to be created out of thin air.

Source: Bitcoin.com

The coin rose by 270% in three hours before plummeting, leaving its daily gains at “just” 71%. Coin comparison site Coincodex called foul play as massive price discrepancies for BCN appeared between Binance and Poloniex.

Breaking down Binance coin (BNB) Q2 ̶ Sentimental analysis May 2018 (Crypto Globalist), Rated: AAA

As Binance coin (BNB) continues its rise for the third month in a row, we look at some of the emerging factors that investors should follow through.

  1. Cleansing out scams? Bytecoin (BCN) loses over 90% on Binance

After investors lost over 90% of their profits on Bytecoin (BCN)after recent listing on Binance, most have complained on the lack of proper ethics from the company along with other trading platforms. The complaint arose on why trades weren’t frozen as the coin dropped below the 0.5% level.

  1. Changpeng Zhao’s influence

CZ is currently one of the richest in the cryptocurrency arena with a rough valuation of $2 billion USD due to his stake in Binance and undisclosed ownership of the Binance coin (BNB).

  1. The numbers behind Binance coin (BNB)

Binance exchange is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange with over 10 million subscribers and daily trading volumes of $1 billion USD+. The BNB coin is used as the major fuel of the platform where users can pay trading fees at a 50% discount and lowers the transaction fees significantly. BNB price has been on a rise since hitting a year-to-date low of $5.50 in early February. BNB is currently trading at $14.05 at time of writing. The 150% increase in price was set in motion in mid-March as the announcement to relocate was made official.

China’s 2nd Largest Bitcoin Mining Hardware Producer Plans To Launch $ 1 Bln IPO In Hong Kong (CoinTelegraph), Rated: AAA

Canaan Creative, China’s second-largest Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware manufacturer plans to seek an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company’s decision to conduct an IPO in Hong Kong, instead of in the US, was reported by South China Morning Post (SCMP) Wednesday, May 9.

If successful, the company would reportedly be the first ever blockchain-related company to be listed on the city’s markets, SCMP states further.


Tron [TRX] gets another boost for Main Net with Binance announcing support (AMBCrypto), Rated: AAA

With a train of companies and exchanges coming forward to stand along with Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron for the upcoming main net launch, Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform announced their support.

Is Japan Still Asia’s Crypto Haven After Coincheck Heist? Probably Not (Forbes), Rated: AAA

It wasn’t long ago when Japan was an early mover in the region to recognize Bitcoin as legal tender and endorse 11 cryptocurrency exchanges last year.

But the sting of a $500 million hack on local exchange Coincheck in January has put Japan’s reputation as a blockchain-friendly environment to the test.

Then, on Jan. 26, the Coincheck hack: The exchange’s users lost $530 million worth of NEM tokens in the second largest crypto heist in Japan after Mt.Gox in 2014.

Japanese crypto craze
Source: Elaine Ramirez and Forbes

‘World First’ Universal Wallet For Crypto And Tokens Launches New Features (CoinTelegraph), Rated: A

A company that has created a multi-asset universal wallet which stores major cryptocurrencies and a wide range of smart contract tokens in one place – a “world first” – says a raft of new features will enable users to enjoy “maximum access and flexibility” when managing their wealth.

Coinsilium to advise on token generation for ‘smart contracts’ platform (Proactive Investors), Rated: B

Coinsilium Group Limited (NEX:COIN) has been appointed as an adviser to ‘smart contracts’ platform FANTOM Foundation ahead of a token generation event (TGE).



Ukraine’s Securities Commission Chief Seeks Legalization of Cryptocurrencies as Financial Instruments (Bitcoin.com), Rated: AAA

Ukraine’s securities regulator is expected to raise the question about the status of cryptocurrencies during the next meeting of the Financial Stability Council in Kiev. The chairman of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine, Timur Khromayev, thinks that they should be recognized as financial instruments. A decision to do that would effectively legalize digital coins in the country, although not in all of their possible functions.


Iran Sanctions: People Are Turning To Bitcoin To Get Money Out (Forbes), Rated: AAA

Kim Jong-un tried it in North Korea, Nicholas Maduro tried it in Venezula — now Hassan Rouhani could begin experimenting with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as the country braces for fresh, US led, Iran sanctions.

But it’s not just the Iranian government that’s looking to Bitcoin as a way to sidestep Iran sanctions and get cash out of the country.

One person in Iran, who wished to remain anonymous, is trying to move money via Bitcoin to his son in North America.

There are currently 17 people in Iran selling Bitcoin via the website LocalBitcoins, which matches buyers to sellers in countries and cities around the world.

Iranians Spend $ 2.5 Billion On Cryptocurrency Investments (Cryptona), Rated: A

The ban placed on cryptocurrency trading in Iran seems to have no effect on crypto investors in the country. Since the ban, investors have maneuvered through it and invested over $2.5 billion overseas.

Meet DEEP AERO – the Blockchain-Oriented Company Providing Drone Technology (Global Coin Report), Rated: A

DEEP AERO is releasing DRONE tokens during its initial coin offering (ICO) that started on May 1, 2018.

Currently, the firm is working to launch three main products:

  • Passenger & Cargo Drones, which are vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircrafts transporting people and goods. If you’re new to this, VTOL refers to any aircraft that has the ability to hover, take-off and land vertically.
  • DRONE-UTM, which is a blockchain-based drone traffic management platform that is decentralized, intelligent, self-aware, and autonomous.
  • DRONE-MP, which is a marketplace for drone-related products and services.
Latin America

Venezuela’s Currency Plunges to One-Seventh the Value of World of Warcraft Gold (Truth in Media), Rated: AAA

Venezuela’s ongoing, years-long financial crisis has continued to worsen, and the socialist nation’s real-world official currency, the bolívar, has plunged in a state of hyperinflation to around one-seventh the effective trade value of in-game digital gold from the massively-multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

According to analysis by Fortune‘s Chris Morris, in terms of trade value in US dollars, World of Warcraft gold is worth 6.8 times more than the bolívar.


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